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Scientists make disturbing discovery after reaching deepest point on Earth

Scientists make disturbing discovery after reaching deepest point on Earth

People are fascinated by the find

A peculiar item has been found at the deepest point of Earth.

Scientists made the disturbing discovery at Challenger Deep, which is 35,000 ft below sea level.

The bottle was found in the deepest part of the ocean.
ratpack223/Getty Images

The Challenger Deep is located in the Mariana Trench and is the deepest point in the Earth's oceans.

To grasp just how deep it is, if Mount Everest was placed within the Challenger Deep, it would still be covered by a mile of water.

So it's pretty mind-blowing that a beer bottle was found in this region.

The piece of rubbish was discovered by oceanographer Dr Dawn Wright who shared her findings on social media.

Alongside a photo, she wrote: "What did we see upon 1st touching bottom, at 10,900+m depth w/in #ChallengerDeep? A BEER BOTTLE!

"Further evidence that we MUST as humanity do BETTER by the ocean and for the health of habitats that we ourselves share & ultimately depend on!!! #ThereIsNoPlanetB #DeeperSeaDawn."

Speaking about the discovery in 2022, she told Los Angeles Times: "It had travelled more than 6.7 miles to the darkest depths of the Pacific, label still intact.

"This discarded trash had managed to reach an unsullied part of our world before we actually did - a symbol of how deeply and irrevocably humans are affecting the natural world."

People have been quick to comment on the photograph, with many sharing their own thoughts and opinions, while others had heaps of questions.

One person wrote: "Yes, the extent of human impacts on the environment is... everywhere."

Another said: "Interesting that we as humans are able to pollute even the most desolate places on earth. We need to do better."

Meanwhile, a third added: "The total amount of trash we have thrown on the oceans must be an astronomical number."

And a fourth commented: "I mean - I’m bad ‘cause I just think it’s kinda dope that a beer bottle made it down that far."

The bottle was discovered by oceanographer Dr Dawn Wright.
Caladan Oceanic

And a fifth penned: "Pros and cons about this… The positive is that we now know that a beer bottle can descend to the bottom while staying intact. The negative is the obvious… there’s human tracks where human tracks should never be."

Others were intrigued to know why the bottle hadn't smashed considering the pressure so deep into the ocean.

But the explanation is pretty simple.

One person theorised: "'Why wasn’t the bottle crushed?' The bottle is open.

"Water pours inside and balances the difference in pressure between the ocean and the inside of the bottle.

"Somewhat related, but if you grab an egg in your palm and squeeze as hard as you can without digging your fingers into the shell, you probably won’t be able to break it because of its robust shape."

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Image/Caladan Oceanic

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