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Scott Morrison Gets Confronted By Aussie Voters At The Pub Who Rip Into His Leadership

Scott Morrison Gets Confronted By Aussie Voters At The Pub Who Rip Into His Leadership

What was supposed to be a quiet beer for the Prime Minister turned sour quickly, with furious locals turning on 'the worst PM ever'.

Furious locals have turned what was supposed to be a quiet beer for the Prime Minister into a fiery showdown.

Locals from Lake Macquarie in NSW confronted Scott Morrison and told him exactly what they thought of his leadership.

One livid pensioner was caught on camera giving the Prime Minister a hard time on a myriad of issues at the Edgeworth Tavern, before telling the PM he is 'sick of his bulls**t'.

“Listen to me for a change," the man began, as crowds closed in to see what the fuss was about.

"This is what you said when you got elected last time: 'We're going help all those people that worked all their lives, paid their taxes and those that have a go, get a go'.

"You can have a million dollar house, $250,000 in the bank and franking credits but a disability pensioner can’t have an income,” the said in a video shot at the NSW pub.

The man then turned on the Morrison government's immigration policies.

“You’ve also been Immigration Minister. I’ve got a partner I’ve been with six-and-a-half years and I’ve got a right as an Australian to choose who my partner should be.

“We’ve been to the tribunal twice and won on both occasions. That was 14 months ago. Why can’t I have a partner?"


He then put the Prime Minister's integrity on blast - specifically, his broken promise about an integrity commission.

“You know another promise you made. You were going to have an integrity commission," the pubgoer said, before claiming it was a case of 'the foxes in charge of the henhouse'.

“You better f**king do something," the pensioner said. "I’m sick of your bulls**t.”

The Prime Minister was calm throughout the heated exchange and was politely trying to address the man's issues.

The man was later seen being escorted by the venue by security.

Another pubgoer decided to seize the chance to troll the PM.

The woman, named Chantelle, lined up to take a selfie with the Prime Minister.

But as Morrison looked to the camera, she quipped 'congratulations on being the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever had.'


The tense meeting came as Australia waits for the Prime Minister to call the election.

Although the election campaign has not yet officially started, both the PM and Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese have been travelling around the country for weeks to announce policies, meet voters, and to kiss babies.

The Prime Minister is expected to call the election any day now, with possible dates for the vote expected on either May 14 or May 21.

Featured Image Credit: 7News

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