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Scottish Blokes Accidentally Responsible For First Nessie Sighting Of The Year

Scottish Blokes Accidentally Responsible For First Nessie Sighting Of The Year

Richie Cameron and pal, Stephen Noble, realised their sunbathing session had somehow been mistaken for the legendary creature

A Scottish bloke claims that he and his mate are ‘100 percent’ responsible for this year’s first sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. Make your own mind up on the footage: 

The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register recorded its first entry of 2022 after Eoin O’Faodhagain spotted the mysterious '13ft shape'. 

In the clip, recorded via an online webcam overlooking the loch, the figure can be seen moving from the right to the left. 

Eoin, a seasoned Nessie hunter, said he got ‘very excited’ when he made the sighting. 

Unfortunately for Eoin, a couple of watersports enthusiasts now claim they are accidentally the cause of that excitement. 

Richie joked someone might think he was Nessie.

Richie Cameron and pal, Stephen Noble, both 45, were paddle boarding at the same time as the beast was allegedly captured on camera – and even joked they may be mistaken for the creature.

Offshore worker Richie, from Inverness, told LADbible: “It’s so funny, I know for a fact. You look at the guy’s description – he estimates it’s 14ft long and three or four foot tall out the water.

"Well, our paddle boards are 11ft long and we were sitting down, even sunbathing for quite a lot of the time because it was a beautiful day. We were just lying back in the middle of the water. 

"We arrived there about 12, we were out on the loch for about 13:00 and we were the until after 4pm.

The 'sighting'.
Pen News

”We were dotted around there because it’s a ‘Nessie hotspot’ and I actually said to my friend Stephen, 'you know what, people going to report us as Nessie I guarantee you', and there you go it’s happened. 

“Instantly I was laughing, I got in touch with my friend and I goes ‘I told you and it’s happened’."

Richie and his pal enjoying the loch.

Eoin, however, was confident he had made a discovery when he first saw the footage. 

The 57-year-old Nessie spotter said: “I had been watching the live footage for a couple of hours, when it suddenly appeared.

“When I first saw the northerly shape and the visible wake it left on the water, before it turned rapidly right, I got very excited, and felt I was onto something here. 

“The wake was unlike that of a boat, and it was the first time in six months I had seen anything unusual in Loch Ness.

 “It is very hard to speculate, but I don't think they are surface vessels. 

“They made no further impression on the water, after watching the webcam afterwards for another hour. So I have to believe they were a live creature of some sort.” 

Richie said he can understand how paddle boarders could be mistaken for the creature.

On debunking Eoin’s find, Richie simply said: “I don’t want to rain on your parade pal, but not this time.” 

While Richie, who runs Extreme Paddle Boarding Scotland, isn’t completely against the idea of there being something lurking below, he does think there’s usually a reasonable explanation. 

He said: “I wouldn’t discount it. I’ve lived in Inverness for most of my life and know Loch Ness, I’m there all the time. 

“I’ve seen seals in Loch Ness, I’ve seen them with my own eyes – big seals – and they go miles up the rivers and canals to get in to Loch Ness so I think a lot of the time it could be seals that people are seeing. 

“But the mystery is great though and it’s an awesome place anyway.” 

The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register appears to have removed Eoin’s discovery from its record. 

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/Pen News

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