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Pensioner Illegally Gets Covid Jab 12 Times

Pensioner Illegally Gets Covid Jab 12 Times

The pensioner living in India managed to squeeze 12 jabs into the span of 11 months, but is now facing legal action

A pensioner living in India illegally got the Covid-19 jab twelve times before finally being caught by the police. 

It seems Brahamadev Mandal has become somewhat of a vaccine fanatic, as he managed to squeeze twelve vaccinations into the span of 11 months. 

Two of the jabs even took place within half an hour of each other on the same day (13 April last year). 

So, why would anyone want to be poked with a needle twelve times and counting? 

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Well, the 84-year-old thought the vaccine could help him get stronger and rid him of the joint pain he has suffered with for eight years. 

In order to keep up his streak, the serial vaxxer sneakily used IDs from other people, as well as lying to health officials. 

The former postman has now been accused of a string of offences by the police in the village of Orai in Bihar, India, where he lives. He may get leniency due to his age. 

Mandal boasted: “I have taken vaccines and I recommend everyone to take them. It’s quite beneficial.  

“The government has taken an incredible step, as it helps back pains too, you should take it.” 

“My oxygen level has improved and I haven’t caught a cold since getting a jab.” 

According to Mandal, nine of the twelve vaccines he had were with his own ID card. 

Puraini police station officer Deepak Chandra Das said: “Mandal has taken 12 vaccines at different dates using different identity cards lying to the health officials. 

“The act is a violation of the Covid-19 vaccination rule. 

Triangle News

“He has taken vaccines between February 13, 2021, to January 4, 2022.” 

Luckily for Mandal, he should experience no significant side effects from being vaxxed so many times.

Public health expert Chandrakant Lahariya told the BBC: "Multiple doses of these vaccines should be fairly harmless, as antibodies have already been formed and the vaccines are made up of harmless components."

Local civil surgeon Amarendra Pratap Shahi also told the publication: "We are flummoxed how this could happen. There seems to be a portal failure happening.

"We are also trying to find out whether there was any negligence by people manning the vaccination centres."

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

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