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Shamima Begum Offers To Help UK Fight Terrorism

Shamima Begum Offers To Help UK Fight Terrorism

The 22-year-old believes she could assist in helping make sure other teenagers don't go down the same path that she did

Former ISIS-bride Shamima Begum is offering help to the UK government to ensure other teenagers don't follow in her footsteps.

The 22-year-old left her east London home for Syria as a 15-year-old schoolgirl - in 2015 - and went to join Islamic State, marrying an IS fighter.

Begum went on to marry Dutch convert Yago Riedijk 10 days after arriving in IS territory and had three children, all of whom died.


She is now asking for forgiveness and offering to help the UK in a bid to return the London and leave Syria.

When asked whether she would open up about what happened, Begum told GB News: "Of course. I actually think it’s important that they know so that they can prevent it in the future for other people.

"The fight against terrorism is not a one man job. It’s multiple people with multiple skills."

She denied any allegations that she ever help to make things such as terrorism vests and even claimed to have become deradicalised.

ITV/Good Morning Britain

Also speaking about privacy, she went on to say: "If I give a message to my family I want it to be face to face, not through the media, my family are very private people and I respect their privacy."

Back in November, she outlined her reasons for fleeing and said that she 'didn't hate Britain' when she left.

Recalling why she left the country in 2015, she told Sky News: "I didn't hate Britain, I hated my life really.

"I felt very constricted, and I felt I couldn't live the life that I wanted in the UK as a British woman."

She said she has 'hopes and dreams', such as reconciling with her family 'when the time is right'.

She said: "I don't think they failed me, in a way I failed them."

At one stage Begum also feared that she was going to be killed at the camp, referring previously to tent fires. Speaking to the MailOnline last year, she explained: "When the first tent fire happened we just got back to normal and then the second fire happened and then we just live in fear constantly,

"In the past few months they have happened more than they've happened in the past few years."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

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