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Sharron Davies Says Her Comments On Trans Athletes Has Left Her Facing Bankruptcy

Sharron Davies Says Her Comments On Trans Athletes Has Left Her Facing Bankruptcy

The former Olympian said she's not backing down even though she's nearly broke.

Former Olympian Sharron Davies has revealed her comments about trans athletes has left her close to bankruptcy.

The celebrated former competitive swimmer has said in the past that trans women have an unfair advantage over their cisgendered counterparts.

She believes that being born male gives them a genetic bonus, even if they eventually transition to female later in life.

It's these comments that have seen her work dry up as her agents have abandoned her and charities don't want anything to do with her.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail's You magazine, the 59-year-old British woman said she's been left high and dry for taking a stand on the issue.

"There’s been so much hate and bullying," she said.

"It’s been very hard. Charities I’ve worked with for 30 years have dropped me, agents I’ve worked with for 30 or 40 years don’t use me any more, because the trans activists can be so vicious and malicious.

"They go after your work, after your brand, they attack everything."

She's been living off inheritance that she received five years ago after the death of her mother.

However, that pot is starting to run low and she's worried about being so close to bankruptcy.

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Even though she's fast running out of cash, she isn't changing her tune.

"I can’t back down," she said. "If you have the courage of your convictions you have to back those up with evidence and science and then you just have to hold your ground."

Davies insists she's not anti-trans and has loads of trans friends and friends with trans children.

She simply cares about fairness in sport.

The former Olympian has also taken issue with the 'very small minority of very vocal trans activists who have made my life hell'.

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She was pleased to see FINA, the world governing body on swimming, effectively outlaw trans women from competition.

The organisation took its vote on the matter last month during an extraordinary general congress at the World Championships in Budapest, where 152 FINA members submitted their decision on the matter.

A total of 71 percent of voters opted to stop trans athletes from competing in women's elite races if they have gone through any part of the process of male puberty.

This means transgender competitors will have now had to have completed their transition by the age of 12 - i.e. have had male puberty suppressed by hormone blockers - in order to compete.

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