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Shocking effects of a Komodo dragon bite after just a few days

Charisa Bossinakis

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Shocking effects of a Komodo dragon bite after just a few days

Shocking footage has showed the effects of a Komodo dragon bite after a few days.

In an eye-opening video from Animal Planet, two chops are shown - one normal and one injected by the venom from the terrifying reptile.

While both pieces of meat look the same at the beginning of the clip, the one left begins to swell uncontrollably while showing a massive loss of blood.

According to National Geographic, the dragon’s venom ‘rapidly decreases blood pressure, expedites blood loss, and sends a victim into shock, rendering it too weak to fight’.


So in case, you were thinking of petting one of these humongous lizards - think again.

Understandably, the video left viewers horrified, as one user wrote: “Good luck getting a Komodo to bite a steak and getting it back from it.”

Another said: “Their saliva is essential like pouring dumpster liquid into your open wounds.”


While a third commented: “This is the itchiest thing I have ever seen. The video played before I had a chance to skip passed, and now I CANNOT UNSEE THAT.”

Komodo dragon’s are undoubtedly one of the world’s most dangerous reptiles.

They're usually found in Indonesian islands of the Lesser Sunda group, including Rintja, Padar and Flores, and, you guessed it, the island of Komodo.

According to A-Z animals, their huge muscular bodies make them capable of taking out larger prey, including deer, pigs and water buffaloes and, on the rare occasion, humans.


Excuse me while I fetch a glass of water and sit down.

Credit: Nick Fox / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Nick Fox / Alamy Stock Photo

These bad boys also have 60 very sharp razor teeth, and while their bite is not as threatening as some other reptiles, the venom delivered through their fangs makes them lethal.

One bite from a Komodo dragon can kill a human within hours.


And apart from their sharp teeth, they have the unusual method of biting their prey and instantly ripping off their flesh.

The Komodo National Park recorded that the animal has killed at least five people in history, with 24 attacks also recorded.

Venom researcher at the University of Melbourne in Australia Bryon Fry said its elaborate venom delivery system sets their bite apart from other reptiles.

He told the outlet: "It's the most complex duct system described in reptiles to date.”

Featured Image Credit: Sergey Uryadnikov / Alamy Stock Photo. r/Damnthatsinteresting/Reddit

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Charisa Bossinakis
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