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Shoppers mindblown to discover Aldi price tags aren't made of paper

Shoppers mindblown to discover Aldi price tags aren't made of paper

Aldi shoppers have been left shocked after finding out that the supermarket's price tags are not made out of paper.

Shoppers have been left mindblown to discover that some Aldi price tags are not actually made out of paper.

The budget supermarket - which first came to the UK in 1990 with a store in Birmingham - has been a favourite for a few years now.

If you have ever paid close attention, you may have noticed that price tags in most UK supermarkets will be on paper often behind a little bit of plastic for protection.

Aldi is a favourite amongst many Brits.
Scott Bairstow / Alamy Stock Photo

But despite being the budget supermarket, it seems as though Aldi are ahead of the game, as eagle-eyed shoppers have spotted something new in their stores.

They have noticed that the budget supermarket giant has introduced a new modern way to display the price of their products in the form of digital screens.

The discovery was posted to TikTok by Jenna (@jennatheravenuk) who spotted it recently while in an Aldi. Watch it below:

She was shocked after seeing one of the price tags glitching like all good technology, which obviously made her realise it wasn't just standard paper.

In the video, she said: "Oh my God, my entire life has been a lie.

Zooming in on the flickering screen, Jenna added: "Did anyone else think the prices in Aldi were pieces of paper?

"Because I was today years old when I found out that they are screens.

"And I only found out today because there was a glitch on one of them.

"Did anyone else know this - or am I just behind?"

The shopper also questioned whether the new digital screens are just in that Aldi or if it is something that has rolled out nationwide.

One person in the comments explained: "It’s a new feature currently being rolled out across stores, it’s to cut back on paper and save time and money changing price cards daily."

LADbible has contacted Aldi for comment.

The flickering price tag surprised Jenna.
@jennatheravenuk/ TikTok

Jenna was not the only one to be shocked by the digital price tags, with many flocking to the comments to also express their disbelief.

One person said: "I'm going Aldi to check right now I just can't believe this."

A second added: "Wait … what?!" - and a third simply said: "omg."

Others also said that they hadn't seen the screens in their local Aldi, suggesting it is nationwide yet.

"Naaaa that’s just your Aldi love," one person said.

Featured Image Credit: @jennatheravenuk/ TikTok

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