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It's a conversation that has stretched back decades and many a generation: What goes in first - the milk or the cereal?

It has divided brothers and sisters, partners and fathers and sons - but no one really has a definite answer as to which way is correct.

But one cereal giant has now joined the debate, with Weetabix providing its thoughts and seemingly settling the topic once and for all.

It comes after the former Top Gear host James May took to Twitter to call out those who put their milk in the bowl before the cereal.

"Who, the bl**dy hell, puts the milk in the bowl first and then the cornflakes?" he wrote.

"Just seen this happen and it disturbed me."

James May is certainly a cereal first kind of man.
Jeff Spicer/WireImage

In response, Weetabix posted a video under May's tweet depicting its 'beige flag' that saw the company pouring the milk into the bowl first before adding the Weetabix.

Captioning the tweet, the official Weetabix account wrote: "Rules were meant to be broken James…"

The Grand Tour presenter quickly replied to the video, writing: "Lunatics."

The method also seemed pretty controversial among fellow Twitter users, with many flocking to the replies to give their thoughts.

Weetabix posted a video of the milk being poured first.

One person wrote: "After some consideration (and watching the thoughtfully supplied video) I think I will continue putting cereal in the bowl first, then adding the appropriate amount of milk."

A second added: "How do you know how much milk to put into the bowl, very strange behaviour."

Another remarked: "It looks more like two biscuits dipping their a*se in a milky jacuzzi. That professional art, for ya!"

Meanwhile, a fourth simply said: "It's a sickness."

The common conception is that our friends over the pond are more likely to pour their milk in first, compared to us Brits.

Research done by fellow cereal giant Kellogg's earlier this year found that 25 percent of Brits pour their milk in before cereal, meaning that 3/4 of those involved in the study lob the cereal in the bowl first.

The study even found that 41 percent of those quizzed 'wouldn't trust' someone who put their milk in the bowl first.

I wonder how many relationships this has broken over the years...

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Weetabix

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