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Sky News Australia hosts want the British Empire to return because it was a good thing

Sky News Australia hosts want the British Empire to return because it was a good thing

They're now being accused of mis-remembering history.

Sky News Australia hosts Rowan Dean and James Morrow are at the centre of a social media firestorm after claiming that several nations around the world would be better off under British colonisation.

The two discussed the topic on Outsiders while being surrounded by the Queen's official ‘ER’ logo and behind a text emblazoned with 'Remembering Queen Elizabeth II'.

James Morrow, who is the federal political editor of the Daily Telegraph, kicked off the 'frank' conversation.

"If you are frank about the historical record guys, decolonisation was a bigger disaster [than British imperialism] for so many countries around the world," Morrow said.

"It led to so much more bloodshed, violence, all sorts of chaos that the empire itself didn't cause."

Co-host Rowan Dean took segue like a red rag to a bull.

"It drives me nuts that we educate people that the empire was bad," Dean said. "I am all for it, let's start a new movement. Bring back the British Empire, bring it back."

Dean then zeroed in on specific countries that were once under British rule but have since gained their independence.

"If you look at countries like Zimbabwe, if you look at countries in Africa like Uganda where they decolonized as James says, disastrous results," he said.

"It is fine to say that there were bad things that happened, of course there were bad things that happened."

He added: "But look at the rule of law, the establishment of infrastructure and look at the opposite that has happened since the British Empire withdrew."

Morrow added into the Sky News echo chamber: "The British Empire was a great engine of civilisation."

The footage was posted by the Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission Twitter page, an organisation dedicated to ending the News Corp figurehead's media monopoly.

Rupert Murdoch owns Sky News and the Daily Telegraph.

"This is vile: Murdoch's commentators are calling for a return to British colonialism," the caption of the tweet read.

"They're pushing to 'bring back the British Empire' saying countries like India would be better off under European rule."

Both hosts have come under fire for their comments, with some on social media accusing the pair of mis-remembering history.

One user said: "Wonder what a few million Indians think about that."

A second added: "They are out of control. This is just ridiculous."

A third just piped up with a label for the two men: "The 'can we please go back to a world where white men have all the power' brigade."

Morrow, who is American, also copped flak for his point of view which doubtfully expands to his home nation.

One Twitter user said: "Where's America on that map? Is the US commentator suggesting that Britain re-colonise the Americas? Looks like he's forgotten his own country's history."

Neither Dean nor Morrow have responded publicly to the criticisms levied against them in the now-viral video tweet, which has now been viewed nearly 500,000 times.

Featured Image Credit: Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission/Twitter.

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