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Restaurant boss baffled after angry diner set timer and walked out

Restaurant boss baffled after angry diner set timer and walked out

The diner said they waited an age and decided to leave after feeling forgotten

No matter the situation, no one likes slow service while eating out.

But while most Brits tend to just grin and bear it, one diner at a Staffordshire restaurant was not having it. At all.

The guest arrived at the Slamwich Club in Stoke recently, and sat at their table, waiting to have their drinks order taken.

However, after no one came to speak to them, the diner started a timer on their phone, and when the timer ran out before a member of staff came over to them, they got up and stormed out of the restaurant.

Sharing their experience on Tripadvisor, the disgruntled guest said they had been to the restaurant previously and loved it, but sadly their most recent visit was not up to the same standard.

The said: "We sat down and for over 15 minutes, we waited and no one came to us, despite the fact that they were clearing empty tables around us.

"Should we not have taken priority over clearing a table that no one was at?

The Slamwich Club.
The Slamwich Club/Facebook

"After 15 minutes had passed, I advised my wife to set a timer for 10 minutes and if no one comes to take our order, we would call it a day.

"Regrettably, after 25 minutes of waiting, no one came to even take a drinks order, so we decided to leave."

He added: "I felt extremely unvalued as a customer and this experience has certainly put me off returning."

Responding to the review, the eatery's management apologised, but said the customer should probably have tried to get the attention of a server before leaving.

If they had done, the restaurant said, the situation could have been sorted out in a few minutes.

They wrote: "We’re so sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience with us.

"Can you get in touch with us to confirm your date and time of visit? As we can’t find your name on our system and we need to check what staff were on shift so we can look into this issue further.

The diner set a timer after they were left waiting.

"As you’ve previously visited and had a great experience - you’ll know that customer service is very important to us.

"Assuming it was Saturday, we were extremely busy - this is not an excuse for your order not to be taken and to receive little to no customer service. Our apologies.

"However, we do wish that rather than setting a timer, you just let a member of staff know - they are only human and sometimes they make mistakes, esp during a busy shift.

"Waiting around for 25 is not acceptable, and indicates that an issue has been made our end - it could of been rectified within 5 minutes if you’d just made us aware.

"We’re sorry you won’t be visiting us again, one positive experience and one negative experience - give us another chance! We’d like to make it up to you!"

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/LADbible

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