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Small Concrete Building With A Dark History On Sale For £280,000

Small Concrete Building With A Dark History On Sale For £280,000

The property in Kansas definitely has potential, but it's one hell of a fixer-upper

Set away in the countryside of Kansas sits a strange concrete outbuilding with a dark and intriguing past, and if that sounds like your sort of thing, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s actually up for sale.

It’s an underground bunker that was formerly owned by the US military and held a couple of intercontinental ballistic missiles during the 1960s.

That means that in terms of security, it could withstand a nuclear strike – which is definitely a positive.

However, in terms of comfort and luxury, it leaves a little bit to be desired.

It's a fixer-upper.
Zillow/Hirsch Real Estate

There’s no doubt that someone with a full wallet and a vivid imagination could turn it into a seriously cool home, but it’s quite hard to see it just now.

Sitting in 11 acres of land, you’ll be pleased to learn that it does have running water, electricity, and provisions for the removal of sewage, and it’s a 6,900-foot property.

There are several underground levels to it, and it used to be manned by a five-person team, who would use a tunnel through to a launch control room that is 170-feet underground.

No doubt it has potential, though.
Zillow/Hirsch Real Estate

It is being offered for around £280,000 ($380,000) by Hirsch Real Estate, who are perhaps underselling it by advertising it is ‘one room building for office or storage’.

The online advertisement continues: "This facility has lots of potential in whatever way you choose to go.

"A home, apartments or a Bed and Breakfast are just some ideas.

"If you want something offering security and uniqueness, then this property is for you."

Kansas was home to 12 of the 72 sites where Atlas F series missiles could be launched in the USA.

This one is in a rural area called Abiline.

Zillow/Hirsch Real Estate

The estate agent listing adds: "Built on 11 acres of land, this property is home to a decommissioned Atlas F missile silo complex.

"The underground complex was designed to withstand a nuclear strike and has water, electricity and a forced sewage system to the ground surface.

"There is 6,900 square feet in the complex with the upper two levels consisting of approximately 1,200 feet of space.

"This area was used for the Launch control center [sic] and living quarters for the crew. The main missile silo is located at a depth of 170 feet."

Here's the whole underground complex.
Zillow/Hirsch Real Estate

As well as the underground complex and land, there’s also a lovely hangar-like building above ground that you can have, too.

Hirsch Real Estate

So, if you’re looking to open a Cold War themed hotel, or live in constant fear of thermonuclear war – don’t we all, these days? – you might consider putting a bid in.

Featured Image Credit: Zillow/Hirsch Real Estate

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