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Smoker accidentally creates ominous skull cloud while puffing on a cigarette

Smoker accidentally creates ominous skull cloud while puffing on a cigarette

Many Reddit users were extremely spooked by the eerie photo.

A smoker has created a spine-tingling cloud of cigarette smoke in the shape of a skull. Foreshadowing much?

Honestly, it looks like something right out of The Conjuring.

The Reddit user posted the terrifying snap with the caption 'a pic of the smoke from my cancer stick', which of course, had many spooked.

u/tabbyking13 / Reddit

One person wrote: “Don’t lie, you opened the ark of the covenant didn’t you.”

Another commented: “How the hell did you get this pic? You knew it would come out looking like the Reaper ahead of time lol?”

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A third person said: “Looks like one of those demon samurai masks.”

While another shared: “Some people are waiting to die, let them live how they want.”

As the Reddit photo circulates online, new research suggests that when it comes to smoking, raising prices is the most effective to make people quit.

Researchers from the University of Queensland observed national survey data and found that the increasing cost of cigarettes was the number one reason why Australians had given up.

Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg 5+ / Alamy Stock Photo

Associate Professor Coral Gartner from UQ’s School of Public Health said that the findings reflect the government’s shift from health campaigns informing the public of the impact of smoking to spiking prices.

Dr Gartner said: “Tobacco taxes in Australia rose by 25 per cent in 2010 and 12.5 per cent annually between 2013 and 2020.

“Some people who plan to quit sometime in the future for health reasons, may be more inclined to try now when faced with paying $40 for a pack of cigarettes.

“Cost of living pressures are clearly a big factor for some people to take that next step.”

Around 48 per cent of surveyed Australians cited their reason for quitting was high cigarette prices in 2019, a significant increase from 30 per cent in 2007.

But Lead author and PhD candidate Ara Cho warned: “But not all consumers are motivated by higher prices.

“There needs to be more government support for people who find it hard to quit smoking, to reduce potential harm from rising costs.”

Dr Garner added that a way to accomplish this would be to emulate the UK’s recent proposal and directly tax cigarette manufacturers.

She said: “The tobacco industry, rather than the government, should be made to pay for the costs of smoking-related diseases, assistance to help people stop smoking and the industry’s environmental impacts.”

Featured Image Credit: u/tabbyking13 / Reddit. CBS Television Distribution

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