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Snickers Responds To Claims It Removed The 'D**k Vein' From Its Chocolate

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Snickers Responds To Claims It Removed The 'D**k Vein' From Its Chocolate

Featured Image Credit: @JUNPIER/Twitter/Alamy

Snickers has responded to rumours that it has removed the signature so-called ‘d**k vein’ from its chocolate bars – which is a sentence you probably weren’t expecting to read today. 

Earlier this month, a bizarre rumour went viral that Mars Inc, the company that makes Snickers, had removed the ‘d**k vein’ from the top of the chocolate bars, supposedly after caving in to public outcry. 

The rumours started earlier this month. Credit: Alamy
The rumours started earlier this month. Credit: Alamy

A Twitter account called @JUNIPER first shared a screengrab from what appeared to be a Time Out article titled ‘Snickers are officially caving and removing the world renowned d**k vein from the candybar’, with a subheading adding: “Woke mobs have been begging for decades and finally cancel culture prevails.” 

@JUNIPER tweeted: “Society is quickly losing so much culture to cancel culture with how it is.” 

The account then shared a photo of a Snickers bar without its well-known ridges, saying: “It’s already beginning. I just bought a Snickers (my favorite treat might I add) and it came out completely smooth. I am disgusted. I am shocked. I need to be alone right now.” 

However, according to Snopes, the screengrab from the news website was ‘not a genuine news article’ as the image had been heavily edited, although the myth debunking website said the photo of the vein-free Snickers bar may be legit, explaining: “This may have been the result of chocolate melting and then reforming, a manufacturing error, or some other cause.” 

Now Snickers has stepped in to confirm what we all needed to know, saying that the beloved veins shall 'remain' despite the strange panic online.

The official Snickers Twitter account tweeted: "Good news, contrary to what's trending on Twitter... THE VEINS REMAIN!"

The tweet has since racked up 389,000 likes, suggesting chocolate fans are indeed very happy with the news.

Snopes reports that people have been poking fun at the Snickers 'd**k vein' since at least 2009, linking through to a tweet from that year that said: "I luv snickers. Big chocolate stick in my mouth. They have veins just like a... I'll stop right there."

But it turns out the original Time Out article, posted on Friday 4 February 2022, had nothing to do with the veins of the popular chocolate bar, and was actually titled ‘Snickers are officially New York’s favorite candy’.

Topics: Food And Drink, Viral

Jess Hardiman
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