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Spanish people have a secret offensive code word for Brits

Spanish people have a secret offensive code word for Brits

The Spanish have a secret word dedicated to tourists

Travelling abroad is one of the few luxuries that almost everyone can relate to, and we each have our own list of best places to visit.

Holding the top spot for most Brits, however, has got to be Spain.

With many tourists visiting the country each year, it’s easy to see why people just can’t stop themselves from going back time and time again.

First, there’s the sunny and humid weather which is perfect when paired with an ice-cold sangria and portion of paella.

Then there’s the sea, sights, and pleather of historic attractions.

So, of course it’s of the most popular travel destinations.

Brits love Spain, but Spain doesn't love their behaviour.
Mick Flynn / Alamy Stock Photo

But UK travellers aren’t renowned for their usual decorum when flying to Spain, which is why there’s a secret word used by locals to describe Brits who possess these undesirable traits.

As per The Sun, this word is 'guiri', which is pronounced ‘guee-ree’.

In order to be considered a 'guiri', you don’t actually have to be from the UK - you just need to be a tourist who acts in a way in which a lot of Brits tend to while letting their hair down in a sunny country.

For example, excessive drinking and participating in boozy behaviour are two ways to earn yourself the name, 'guiri'.

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So, what exactly is it?

A 'guiri' is supposedly derived from a term describing the Basque word of 'giri', which means ‘blonde’ or ‘fair-skinned’ and so it was originally used based on how tourists looked.

Now, the meaning has changed and encompasses the actions and characteristics of some naughty visitors.

Even though it may seem slightly offensive, locals use the term more broadly as a way to describe tourists, so don’t be offended if you get called it.

Instead, consider it a nickname of sorts.

Typical guiri's tend to drink to excess.
AGF Srl / Alamy Stock Photo

It’s unlikely you will be shouted down in the street, but you may be poked fun at for doing stereotypical things a 'guiri' would do, such as drinking sangria or only ordering touristy foods.

So, how do you prevent yourself from being called 'guiri'?

First, if you’ve watched shows such as Benidorm, you’ll know exactly the type of person this relates to.

The scantily clad, flip-flop wearing Brit who refuses to put on sunscreen or something warmer even when the weather takes a turn for the worst - and won’t attempt to speak a lick of Spanish.

Drinking excessively will also get you the nickname, especially when drinking leads to some embarrassing moments like shouting, singing loudly or chanting your favourite footy song.

Basically, if you want to avoid being a 'guiri', it’s best to try to integrate into the culture, say ‘gracias’ every now and then and keep your sangria to a minimum.

Otherwise, you might hear the word every now and then, and you’d better believe it’s about you!

Featured Image Credit: Mick Flynn / AGF Srl / Alamy Stock Photo

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