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Spanish police detain UK cocaine boss on run with life sentence waiting for him back home

Spanish police detain UK cocaine boss on run with life sentence waiting for him back home

The unnamed drug lord was captured following a major operation by Spanish police

A convicted drugs kingpin has been detained by police in Spain following a major investigation. See how it happened:

The drug lord, who has not been named, had been on the run from the UK where a life sentence is waiting for him following his conviction for dealing 'large quantities of cocaine in Scotland'.

Since managing to escape the country, he had been hiding out in Spain but was eventually tracked down to a small town in Tenerife.

In footage captured by the Spanish National Police, the fugitive can be seen wearing dark clothing, a baseball cap and sunglass as he walks along a terrace in Arona.

Plain-clothed cops then quickly intercept him, placing him in handcuffs and putting him in a police car.

The drug kingpin was arrested in Tenerife.

The team of officers had been monitoring the criminal's whereabouts since the UK's National Crime Agency contacted them back in April to inform them he may have fled to Spain.

In a statement, the Spanish National Police said: "The fugitive was wanted by the United Kingdom for some events that occurred in 2022 after being sentenced to life imprisonment for being the leader of a criminal organisation that, based in Scotland, was dedicated to the preparation and storage of large shipments of cocaine and diamorphine, as well as its subsequent distribution throughout Scotland.

"The agents carried out multiple procedures in several Spanish cities such as Alicante, Malaga and Ibiza until he was located on the island of Tenerife where, finally, he was located and arrested in the town of Arona."

He is facing life in prison back in the UK.

It was recently revealed that Curtis Warren, dubbed 'Britain's Pablo Escobar', will face strict conditions upon his release from prison later this year.

Despite being known as 'Liverpool's most infamous gangster', Warren - who has spent almost half his life behind bars - might not even be able to return to the city where he was born after he’s set free.

He will also be on the NCA's list of individuals issued with serious crime prevention orders, which limits what Warren can do for five years after his release. 

According to MailOnline, Warren not only faces a possible ‘ban’ from Liverpool, but his presence on the NCA’s list means he’ll also be restricted in his ability to buy property and cars, borrow money, make transfers and use foreign or digital currency like Bitcoin. 

Curtis Warren, dubbed 'Britain's Pablo Escobar', will face strict conditions upon his release.
States of Jersey Police

Failure to comply with the above could land Warren back in jail. 

Not only is it claimed Warren still has £1 million hidden away in plastic bags in Liverpool, but prosecutors also fear he could have around £200 million stashed in secret. 

The Liverpool Echo reports that prosecutors are wary of a 'murky network of hidden assets' through which he could access money made via drug trafficking.

Sentenced most recently in 2009 to 13 years in prison after being found guilty of conspiracy to smuggle cannabis, Warren insists he has no money left and had previously not paid a confiscation order that would have seen him leave prison years ago.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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