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Paddy The Baddy Went On 11,000 Calorie Binge After London Win

Paddy The Baddy Went On 11,000 Calorie Binge After London Win

"And that's without me doing a food challenge."

UFC fighter Paddy 'The Baddy' Pimblett has opened up about his post-win meal, and let's just say he didn't hold back.

The 27-year-old is a rising star in the UFC world, most recently beating opponent Kazula Vargas in London on Saturday night (19 March).

Alongside his thick Liverpudlian accent and signature haircut, Pimblett has also become known for his healthy appetite.


Fans were not shy in pointing out his weight gain following his first UFC win against Luigi Vendramini in September 2021.

Speaking about whether he'll be doing the same after beating Vargas, he told Daily Star Sport: "I had a little two weeks off last time, but I'm getting back in the gym in the morning (24 March) so I won't be too fat."

Pimblett did, however, allow himself a cheat day, adding: "[But] I eat so many calories it's unbelievable. On Monday I actually gauged what I ate.

"I had 10,700 calories. And that's without me doing a food challenge. That's just be being a fat b******."

And why the hell not? You do you, Paddy.


While he said he'll attempt to maintain his weight to an extent so the 155lbs requirement for his next match won't be such a challenge, Pimblett still wants to enjoy his life.

The athlete was seen tucking into pizza at the post-fight press conference, saying: "I'd rather be fat and happy than ripped.

"These people who are ripped all year round aren't happy. I'm not arsed, I don't care what they say. This six-pack is sound and I look great, but I'd rather be fat and happy."

Pimblett also called out Mark Zuckerberg in his post-match interview saying he wants to fight him.

Paddy the Baddy was understandably buzzing with his dominant win over Vargas, but when he was asked who he wants to fight next, he appeared to look pretty wound up after he took aim at the Facebook and Insta CEO.

After only his second ever fight in the UFC, the Liverpudlian said: "Who do I want to fight? Mark Zuckerberg.

"Lad I'm going to punch your head in, I am sick of you.

"Sick of you shutting my Instagram accounts down when all I do is help charities and help people with mental health problems.

"You're the biggest bully in the world, lad."

The fighter is upset with Zuckerberg after he claims that he is the reason why his Instagram accounts are being banned.

Pimblett's seen two of his Instagram accounts taken down since his rise to superstardom and he's fully had enough.


He said earlier this month: "I always say that people with a platform like me should help people. It's nice to be nice. We've got this platform for a reason, use it for good. Don't use it for horrible reasons.

"All these social media websites need to sort their community guidelines out. I've had my account disabled at 920,000 followers.

"That messes with all the GoFundMe pages I help, all the sick kids and charities, homeless organisations, all the mental health charities I help with and all the people who have mental health issues that speak to me on a daily basis...

"Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest bully on the planet."

Words: Daisy Phillipson

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/UFC/YouTube