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Hockey fan who received offer from porn site after flashing crowd has spoken out about the incident

Hockey fan who received offer from porn site after flashing crowd has spoken out about the incident

She's been keeping a low profile since going viral

The hockey fan who received an offer from a porn site after flashing the crowd has spoken out about the incident.

While flashing yourself in public might not always be so acceptable, it’s certainly helped this woman be accepted with open arms into a certain community.

And hey, why not be as free as her? It was a pretty iconic celebration when she lifted up her shirt, launching her into viral fame.

She was watching the fifth game of the NHL Western Conference Finals in Alberta, Canada, on 31 May when she was filmed cheering on her team, the Edmonton Oilers.

She gave her fellow fans a treat. (X/@BoujeeOp)
She gave her fellow fans a treat. (X/@BoujeeOp)

The clip showed her lifting up her hockey jersey, showing off her boobs and giving them a good shake as she burst into laughter. Good on you, girl!

While people tried to track her down on social media, adult websites began offering her massive amounts of cash to work with them.

Cam Soda reportedly offered a mega $100,000 (£78,232) to flash their subscribers as they want her to ‘show off her chest just as she did the other night’.

Podcast Spittin’ Chiclets have managed to track her down though, as the sports guys got her on to chat about the flashy moment.

Named as Kate, she appeared on their visuals wearing a cap, hoodie and a pair of shades as she joked: “I’m still trying to be in the witness relocation program a little bit here.”

The hosts asked whether someone had told her to lift her shirt that day or if it was simply just a ‘feeling of emotion when the Oilers scored’.

“The handful of Cheesies I ate all day and the eight Trulies I drank in the first period was certainly inspiring,” she confessed.

And in a moment that induces second-hand the fear, Kate revealed she ‘can’t even remember’ who filmed it in the first place, she just ended up seeing it all over X.

She kept a low profile on the podcast. (X / @‌spittinchiclets)
She kept a low profile on the podcast. (X / @‌spittinchiclets)

She actually ‘got it removed’ and ‘reported it’ when it began to circulate and believed it had been ‘dealt with’. But then the video ‘came back with a vengeance’.

So after hearing that you probably won’t be surprised to know she’s likely not going to be taking up any of those porn site offers.

Speaking after her team lost recently, Kate said: “Honestly, last night when they lost the game I was going to get in my truck and just like, drive to the bush and build a little shack out of sticks and live in it after seeing everyone like, 'Ah we need her'."

Featured Image Credit: X/@Stashme / X/@‌spittinchiclets

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