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How much England players will earn if they go on to win Euro 2024

How much England players will earn if they go on to win Euro 2024

It really could be coming home lads

Well, England is through to another match of the Euros.

After winning what was a pretty painful game against Switzerland in the quarterfinals tonight (6 July) through some nail-biting penalties, the lads will now face either the Netherlands or Turkey on Wednesday.

And with this new burst of confidence in Gareth Southgate’s side for fans, let’s just run with it and look all the way ahead to how much the players will earn if they do go on to win Euro 2024.

Not only will there be the total joy and satisfaction for England finally winning after that crushing day back in 2021, but there will also be quite the pretty pay packet.

Semis here we come. (Carl Recine/Getty Images)
Semis here we come. (Carl Recine/Getty Images)

If we do finally get to see it come home and Harry Kane and the lads lift that trophy on Sunday night, the FA will receive a whopping £24 million – and the squad has negotiated a decent share of it.

The (already massively paid) players will share a pot that adds up to a mega £9.6 million.

But it’s Mr Southgate himself who will get a very, very happy payday – wonder if he’ll be heading straight over to M&S clothing for some more zip-up polos with that.

The 53-year-old will pocket a nice £4 million bonus with his trusty assistant Steve Holland also promised a nice sum of the pot.

This potential Euros win pot is a new record up from the World Cup in 2022, when the stars were in the running to make £13 million.

But while the England players undeniably earn a f**king massive amount of money regardless of if they win the final or not, they don’t necessarily saw all of it rolling into their bank accounts.

Keep the goals coming lads. (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)
Keep the goals coming lads. (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It was reported during the last World Cup that the Three Lions lads receive about £2,000 per each match they play – ah not so much in the world of elite football. Poor them.

Although they don’t actually get that cash anyway.

An agreement that was set in place back in 2007 means that all match fees are donated to a charity pot – the England Football Foundation.

This money then gets distributed between various charities and it’s said a nice £5 million has been raised by the England men’s national team since that agreement began.

Well, regardless of how much cash they will or won't get, here's to a semi-final win before a big win on Sunday. Come on England!

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images

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