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Eye-watering cost of Super Bowl tickets and suites in $2 billion Las Vegas stadium

Eye-watering cost of Super Bowl tickets and suites in $2 billion Las Vegas stadium

Going to an NFL game is expensive enough in the regular season

NFL tickets aren't exactly cheap for a normal fixture - but it's time for the Super Bowl to make things get really silly.

During the regular season, American football fans can expect to pay almost $400 per seat.

At an average of $377 a ticket for the 2023 NFL season, it's not cheap. That's a few pennies short of £300.

But fans of the sport can only dream for the biggest game of the season to be similarly prices.

Enter the Super Bowl.

The final game in the NFL season takes place in Las Vegas on Sunday, 11 February at the $2 billion Allegiant Stadium.

Given the stadium is state-of-the-art, combined with it being the biggest game of the year, it's not cheap to go along.

The $180,000 seats at the 2024 Super Bowl.
Suite Experience Group / Allegiant Stadium / LA Raiders

In fact, this year's bunch are the most expensive in US history.

The cheapest seats that you can buy right now are around $6,300 (£5,012).

For that, you're sitting in the Gods. Think the top tier of Wembley; it's not close to the pitch at all.

If you want to sit on the halfway line close to the field of play, then you can expect to pay $48,000 (£38,191).

Suites are on another level.

For a private premium loge box, which has four seats and a food and alcohol package, it's $180,000 (£143,217).

You can also get your hands on a owners' club suite for a cool $1,800,000 (£1,432,170). That comes with 20 tickets, parking passes, and food and drink packages.

Why are they so expensive? Well, it comes down to a couple of predictable factors - supply and demand.

The suite that costs almost $2m.
Suite Experience Group / Allegiant Stadium / LA Raiders

The Allegiant Stadium has only 65,000 seats which puts it among the smallest stadiums in the NFL.

A total of 26 of the league's 32 stadiums can hold more.

Vice president of growth at online marketplace TickPick, Matt Ferrel, told The Athletic: "It’s the first Super Bowl in what’s newly kind of being established as the domestic sports capital with F1, the Raiders now being there and teams moving to Las Vegas.

"And Las Vegas ultimately being a fairly compelling destination for any large-scale event. When you’re talking about the Super Bowl, it’s one of the largest-scale events.

"There’s entertainment and hosting of business or clients or larger groups that certainly fulfils some of this. There are corporate purchases as well.

The Allegiant Stadium in the build up to the game.
Luke Hales/Getty Images

"It’s speculation, but when you have prices rising to where they are now, you would imagine the percentage breakdown of core fans of the team becomes a little bit smaller, and the ability to transact on this from a more retail purchaser standpoint becomes a little more difficult.

"But we do see true fans, people who are looking to see their team ultimately win the championship.

"It is surprising to hear, but it does still happen at these levels."

Featured Image Credit: Chris Unger/Luke Hales/Getty Images

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