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Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis crowd boo USA national anthem before fight

Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis crowd boo USA national anthem before fight

KSI vs Tommy Fury and Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul are both taking place tonight (14 October)

The crowd in attendance at the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight have booed the US national anthem prior to the fight.

After months of personal insults and Danis' online vendetta against opponent Paul’s fiancee, their highly anticipated match is about to take place this evening (14 October) at a sold-out AO Arena.

The boxing rivals are on the undercard for the main event - Tommy Fury vs KSI.

But commenting on the decision to sing the US anthem in the UK, one viewer tweeted: "Having someone sing the USA national anthem at quarter to 11 on a Saturday night in Manchester has got to be one of the worst ideas of the night. What did they think was gonna happen."


While someone else said: "Manchester booing at the USA national anthem."

We are all aware that boxers pretend to hate each other in order to sell a fight, one might argue that Danis and Paul's beef has been as real as it gets as tensions boiled over on Thursday (12 October) when the cage fighter looked to hit Paul with a microphone during their press conference in Manchester.


It seems that the YouTuber was the first to provoke Danis as he initially launched a mic at him.

Shortly after, Danis connected with the side of Logan's head which started to draw blood.

Thankfully, Logan was fine and the pair arrived at the weigh-in a day later (13 October) in great shape.

Previously speaking about Paul, Danis said: “I think he's a scumbag, I think he's egotistical, he bullies people that don't have the same opinion as him, he makes them sign NDAs and lawsuits and all this s***.

"I just don't respect him as a man or a boxer, I think he's good in WWE, I'll give him that but I don't respect him as a person.

“He's terrible, he goes down in one, he's not a fighter, he's been spoonfed everything he's ever had in his entire life and I'm just going to break him.

“He's never seen the kind of tenacity that I bring so he's going to f**king break under the pressure.

“I don't think he has power, I think he has arm punches, skinny legs and all upper body, it's arm punches and I won't even feel them.”

Featured Image Credit: DAZN

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