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Darts final viewers all make same complaint as Luke Littler’s opponent Luke Humphries makes entrance

Darts final viewers all make same complaint as Luke Littler’s opponent Luke Humphries makes entrance

Everyone loves Luke Littler but his opponent seems like a decent bloke too

The climactic confrontation between darts prodigy Luke Littler and world number one Luke Humphries has started, but fans aren't happy about something.

Even people who aren't normally fans of darts have been swept up in the mania around Luke Littler given his prodigious talent and sudden emergence.

Having made it all the way to the final of the World Darts Championship on his debut, Littler is the youngest ever finalist and victory would, of course, make him the youngest ever champion by some distance.

People have found Littler to be an incredibly endearing and charming presence on the darts scene - making it hard not to root for him and cap off the story of his incredible emergence with a fairytale ending.

However, those viewing the final have taken issue with something - the booing of Luke Humphries as he entered the Ally Pally.

Luke Humphries is the world number one darts player.
Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Littler entered to rapturous cheers as the new hero of darts got a worthy welcome, but through no fault of his own, poor old Humphries has ended up as the unintentional villain of the piece.

He's done nothing wrong besides being exceptional at darts and making his way to the final, but now Humphries is the only thing standing between Luke Littler and the perfect ending to the 16-year-old's story.

While there were plenty of cheers for Humphries as he made his entrance, there were also a smattering of boos and a number of darts fans took to social media to call it out.

Plenty wanted to know 'why are they booing Luke Humphries' while someone else quipped that the world number one was 'being chucked into a f**king cauldron here'.

Someone else said the people in the crowd booing Humphries were 'd**kheads', so it's clear that plenty still love him and reckon he's a nice guy.

Both Lukes are worthy of cheers, having done so well to make it to the final.

Others who were rooting for Littler said that 'booing Luke Humphries is just not the one' and that the boos from the Ally Pally crowd were an 'absolute disgrace'.

By all accounts, Littler and Humphries seem to get along pretty well, and they've actually played against each other before.

The pair previously competed against each other in late 2019 when Littler was 12, and it was the far more experienced Humphries who took the win.

People have discovered an old tweet from Littler saying he was beaten by Humphries but gave his opponent a 'great game'.

Before the final, Littler joked with Sky Sports that he 'had to let him win' as he was 'only 12' when they last competed.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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