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Footage shows moment Michael Schumacher is airlifted to hospital after life changing injury

Footage shows moment Michael Schumacher is airlifted to hospital after life changing injury

The Formula One legend suffered his terrible accident 10 years ago

Footage captured the moment Michael Schumacher was airlifted to hospital after suffering life-changing injuries in a fall while skiing in 2013.

The 54-year-old Formula One legend suffered severe injuries while skiing on December 2013, which led to him being placed in a medically induced coma.

His brother and fellow former F1 driver, Ralf, recently gave an update on Michael's condition, saying 'nothing is like it used to be' following the accident 10 years ago.

Schumacher came out of the medically induced coma in 2014, but since then information about how well he is has been scarce, with a lawyer for the family saying details were not released to protect 'private things'.

Felix Damm said releasing a report into Schumacher's health wouldn't have been the end of things, while the F1 legend's wife Corinna said they 'try to carry on as a family as Michael liked it and still does' while accepting an award on his behalf.

Michael Schumacher enjoyed an illustrious career in Formula One.
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Schumacher, 44 at the time of the accident, had been skiing in the French Alps with his son when he fell and hit his head on a rock.

The F1 legend had been wearing a helmet at the time, and he was shortly afterwards airlifted to a hospital in Grenoble.

Footage from French broadcaster BFM TV showed the moment a helicopter with Schumacher aboard took him to hospital for treatment following the terrible accident.

According to a local skiing instructor, there was a relative lack of snow on the ground at the time of Schumacher's accident, which meant some rocks were exposed instead of being buried under the snow.

They also claimed that Schumacher appeared to be conscious after the accident, which the instructor alleged meant first responders were not as fast with getting him to a specialised hospital as they could have been.

"I miss the Michael of the old days. Life is unfair from time to time," Ralf Schumacher said of the accident and what the injury had done to his brother.

"Michael was very lucky throughout his life. But then there was this tragic accident. Fortunately, advanced medical science provides many opportunities.

"However, nothing is like it used to be. It has been a significant experience for me but, of course, even more so for his children.

"Life is unfair at times. That day held a lot of bad luck. This fate has changed our family."

Schumacher's friend and former Ferrari boss Jean Todt visits him regularly and said they still watched F1 races together.

Featured Image Credit: BFM TV Clive Mason/Getty Images

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