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Michael Schumacher made chilling foreshadowing in lead up to his horror ski accident

Michael Schumacher made chilling foreshadowing in lead up to his horror ski accident

It's been over 10 years since the F1 legend's horrendous accident

Today is Michael Schumacher's 55th birthday and it has now been over 10 years since the Formula One legend suffered his horrific skiing accident.

Rushed to hospital and placed in a medically induced coma, Schumacher later came out of his coma and since then he has been recovering at his family home, with details about his condition not released to protect 'private matters'.

His family and friends have spoken a few times about his health in the past decade, with his wife Corrina saying they 'try to carry on a family as Michael liked it and still does'.

Schumacher's brother and fellow former F1 driver Ralf said that 'nothing is like it used to be', though he added that 'advanced medical science provides many opportunities'.

His former Ferrari boss Jean Todt said that when he visited the Schumachers, which he did regularly, they would watch F1 together.

Today (3 January) is Michael Schumacher's 55th birthday.
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Something Schumacher said before his accident turned out to be chillingly prescient.

Back when he was still racing, this time with the Mercedes team instead of the iconic Ferrari setup that he enjoyed so much success with, Schumacher made his will.

Speaking to a German magazine at the time, he explained it wasn't because he had returned to the fast-paced and dangerous world of F1.

Instead Schumacher said it was 'less about Formula One' and instead 'because of the things that can happen in everyday life'.

Considering he competed in such a dangerous sport for years where crashes do happen and lives can sometimes be lost, Schumacher was right to also be worried about what could happen away from the racing track.

A few years before his skiing accident Schumacher made a will 'because of the things that can happen in everyday life'.

Schumacher is still well thought of by those who met him, with former Top Gear Stig Perry McCarthy praising the F1 legend's sense of humour and his 'real big heart'.

He demonstrated both by appearing on Top Gear and pretending to be the latest iteration of The Stig, including a comedy lap round the track where he got lost.

Fans of F1 will remember his incredible achievements on the track, winning seven world championships and plenty of races with Benneton and Ferrari.

Meanwhile, McCarthy also praised Schumacher for his charity work and suggested that had it not been for the ski accident he could have done something incredible in his capacity as a UNESCO ambassador.

He also said that what made Schumacher truly great was his 'exceptional' commitment to racing, as the seven time world champion had the dedication to stick with a team and build them into the best of the best.

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