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Michael Van Gerwen explains why there's 'no chance' he would watch world finals of darts

Michael Van Gerwen explains why there's 'no chance' he would watch world finals of darts

The former world champion said it would be 'boring' to watch.

He might have won the world championship three times, but darts ace Michael Van Gerwen says there's 'no chance' he'd be watching a final match.

The 34-year-old Dutch player made the hilarious comment earlier this week, before Luke Humphries beat 16-year-old Luke Littler in the PDC World Darts Championship final.

Van Gerwen had previously been the favourite to get his hands on the Sid Waddell Trophy at Alexandra Palace on Wednesday (3 January), but missed out to Scott Williams in the quarter final.

Speaking on JaackMaate's Happy Hour podcast about whether he would be watching Littler and Humphries go head-to-head, Van Gerwen - a three-time world champion himself - confirmed he wouldn't be, admitting that he doesn't really like watching darts.

"No chance. If someone else from Holland would be in it I probably can watch a bit, not all the game, I watch some," he explained.

Host Jaack was stunned by the comment, and said it was fascinating that Van Gerwen wouldn't want to watch.

Van Gerwen said he wouldn't be watching the final.

"I'm not going to sit in front of the telly and watch - no chance," Van Gerwen added.

"It's boring. In the meantime, I can practice myself and try to get better. Next year again, there is another final."

Van Gerwen added that he had a long list of other things he'd rather do before watching darts, such as fishing.

"It's not that I can't watch, I have a lot of other things to do before I watch darts. I'd rather play Call of Duty on my PlayStation, play with the kids, go fishing," he explained.

"I've got loads of other things before I watch the darts. I want to play."

Fair enough!

The former champion called it 'boring'.

Littler fans were gutted earlier this week, when the up-and-coming teenager from Warrington missed out on a win to Humphries.

The 16-year-old made history after earning himself a spot in the final after beating 2018 champ Rob Cross in Tuesday's semi final (2 January), becoming the youngest person to ever do so.

Despite not winning, Littler still took home £200,000 for reaching the final.

Speaking of the experience, Littler said: “It’s been unbelievable, I just wanted to win one game and come back after Christmas, that was the only goal I set, so this is a massive bonus.

Littler missed out to Humphries.

“No one likes losing, I have not really lost much, so to lose on that stage I can’t really be angry, the only thing I am angry about is that I lost a lot of legs on my throw and I was just chasing Luke.

“I have won six games here so why can’t I go and win seven here in years to come. I have gained a lot of experience and stage experience, I am in the top 32 now so I could be in everything.

“The past three to four weeks have been unbelievable and now I just can’t wait to go home. I’m sorry I couldn’t give the crowd what they wanted.”

You're still a hero in our eyes, Luke!

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