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Fighter accused of taking 'cheap shot' after fastest knockout in MMA history

Fighter accused of taking 'cheap shot' after fastest knockout in MMA history

The shocking MMA fight between Luis Hernandez and Brian Topp ended after just two seconds

An MMA star has come under some serious fire for his recent record-breaking win.

The bout was between Luis Hernandez and Brian Topp, with the former knocking out his opponent in just two seconds. (Yes, you read that right!)

However, many have accused the Miami local of using a 'cheap' tactic to help him claim victory during the Titan FC 83 fight.

The knockout happened in two seconds.

As the MMA fighters entered the ring, Hernandez looked as if he was going to greet his opponent with a glove touch.

Despite offering his right glove, the competitive fighter then delivered a devastating high kick to Topp – knocking him out cold.

The bout was then called with the referee still in shock and scrambling to grab Hernandez as he celebrated his victory.

The fight was still awarded to Hernandez as he didn’t technically break any MMA rules during the short bout.

Though the two-second fight has beaten the UFC record set by Jorge Masvidal, many fans were infuriated by the underhand tactic.

In fact, many have taken to social media to vent about the Titan FC 83 fight, which happened on Friday (July 21).

Hernandez delivered the intense blow.

After the bout, UFC Fight Pass shared the shocking clip on Twitter, with fans hitting out at welterweight Hernandez.

Commenting below, one fan called Hernandez a ‘bum’ for the fake glove touch.

Others agreed, saying that he should have been more respectful to Topp during the short bout.

“…touch gloves then fight, don’t take advantage of a gesture of respect that is so important to martial arts,” added another unimpressed viewer.

A third wrote: “The celebrating after like he didn’t just do what he did. You get 0 respect from me.”

However, some fans have argued Topp should have been more prepared for the fight given that the high kick is Hernandez’s go-to move.

“All the guys in the comments talking about fake glove touch have never seen Luis Hernandez fight before,” said one MMA superfan: “..dude starts every single fight with this same kick, be prepared.”

Another added: "Look I felt the same way thought it was cheap but look at his opponent he did not extend his arm to touch gloves so obviously he read his opponent’s body language."

This is just the latest defeat for Topp, who has five across his career and only one win.

Meanwhile, Hernandez has clocked in a staggering three since turning professional and claimed another five victories as an amateur before he entered the sport.

The Miami resident has yet to be defeated in the MMA ring, with many wondering if he will continue to use the same kick at the start of each match.

Featured Image Credit: UFC

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