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Peterborough women's team slam 'fans' flooding praise on two players for their looks

Peterborough women's team slam 'fans' flooding praise on two players for their looks

The Posh Women have been flooded with comments sexualising their players

Peterborough United women's team have slammed 'fans' flooding praise towards two players for their looks.

Also known as 'The Posh Women', the football club recently bagged an incredible 10-0 win against Long Bucky AFC.

And when Peterborough shared images of the women to celebrate their goals on X, the posts gained a lot of attention.

However, instead of awe at their amazing goalscoring skill and ability, the majority of praise was for their looks.

Out of respect for the women, we're not going to include the comments made that arguably patronise them or refer to their looks.

After a lot of sexualisation of their players, Peterborough released a statement slamming any comments.

The team's X account shared: "Peterborough United Football Club strongly condemn all forms of social media abuse and are appalled by some of the comments aimed at our players over the weekend on X.

"We would like to reiterate that anyone involved in making or sharing such comments will be reported and are not welcomed in interacting with our football club on any level.

Peterborough United

"We will continue to support the players who have received any social media abuse and work with governing bodies to find a solution to stamping out any future abuse. The welfare of our players is paramount and will always be our priority.

"We hope social media companies will put the relevant legislation in place to stop any form of abuse from happening moving forward."

England Lioness and Chelsea star Fran Kirby recently opened up on the growth of the women's game and the increase in pressure on players around 'their weight and how they look on TV'.

She said: "As the game has grown I do believe it has become more noticeable that people are getting comments about their weight and how they look on TV or in pictures.

"That shouldn't matter - what body type you are, how you look in your dress, how you look in a kit.

"It [nutrition] should be something that should be championed to be strong and if that means you have to eat more, you're doing the things your body needs not just because of how you look on camera."

Featured Image Credit: Peterborough United Women

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