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The Matildas praised for epic sportswomanship after win against Denmark at the World Cup

The Matildas praised for epic sportswomanship after win against Denmark at the World Cup

Players were seen hugging and consoling their opponents after knocking them out of the tournament.

The Matildas are one step closer to World Cup glory after beating Denmark 2-0 in the Round of 16.

The Australian side had their work cut out for them at Stadium Australia in Sydney Olympic Park and the 75,784-strong crowd supported them every second.

There was a combined 23 attempts at goal from both sides but Caitlin Foord and Hayley Raso were the only ones to be able to find the back of the net for the home side.

The win over Denmark means the European country has been knocked out of the tournament and, naturally, they were devastated at the final whistle.

But the Matildas are being praised for the way they handled victory as several photos showed players hugging and consoling their opponents.

One person said on Twitter: "I was glued to the TV, screaming myself hoarse. I loved the ball manoeuvring skills and precise passes, the speed, and sportswomanship. Matildas are a world-class team."

Another added: "#Matildas such sportswomenship consoling the other team."

A third wrote: "Women's sport just takes post-match sportsmanship to another level, doesn't it? The Matildas are such a strong example for young sportspeople to look up to in so many ways."

Another user commented: "First thing I noticed as soon as FT was called was Raso instantly going around comforting all the Danish players that were guttered just like she did with the Canadians last game. It's such a little example of sportsmanship but it's why we love her."

The win on August 7 means the Aussie side has booked themselves a spot in the quarterfinals.

Steven Markham/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

They will face either Morocco or France in Brisbane on Saturday (August 12).

Matildas coach Tony Gustavsson told Optus Sport following the match against Denmark: "We were under a lot of pressure in that first half but we didn't get rattled.

"The team is very mature, playing tournament football and found a way to win."

This bests their performance from the last World Cup in 2019 when they were defeated by Norway in penalties in the Round of 16.

Whatever happens this weekend, the Matildas have proved themselves to be incredible athletes and fantastic role models.

There are millions of Aussies who have been impressed with how they've handled themselves on and off the field.

One fan summed it up well by writing: "It fills my heart to think about all the little girls across Australia tonight seeing they can be the hero, the one to shine, they can be the superstar, that a nation adores, in no man’s shadow and cheers on. Priceless. The Matildas have already won."

Featured Image Credit: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images. Fred Lee/Getty Images

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