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Francis Ngannou fans think they’ve spotted scorecard error following Tyson Fury’s controversial win

Francis Ngannou fans think they’ve spotted scorecard error following Tyson Fury’s controversial win

The two fighters came head to head on Saturday

Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou's crossover match has left a sour taste in a few people's mouths - and fans think they've spotted a major error on the judge's score cards.

The Gypsy King and UFC fighter finally came face-to-face in the ring on Saturday (28 October) in Saudi Arabia.

However - despite a seemingly impressive play from first-time boxer Ngannou - Fury took the crown, winning by a split decision.

And his victory has left a few people disappointed - namely Ngannou himself.

He told ESPN MMA: "If he [Tyson] was being honest, he would say that I won that fight.

"I won that fight. There’s not a question about it. I wasn’t expecting to just win like that in decision.

"There’s a structure, there’s a business out there. I did my best. Maybe next time I should just do better to convince people."

The official scorecard has since been released - which shed some new light on how they had performed individually.

The pair put on a show for fans in Saudi Arabia.
Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

It showed that Fury had managed to land more punches than Ngannou, who'd only managed to make contact with his opponent 59 times out of 233.

Fury also reigned supreme in six of the ten rounds, while Ngannou had his time to shine in the third, fourth and eight rounds.

But now, Ngannou fans think they've spotted an error in the judge's scorecards.

According to the scorecards, Fury was given the win 96-93 and 95-94 on two of the judges' cards, while Ngannou scored 95-94.

However, fans say that it appears to show that the At Home with the Furys star had thrown an illegal elbow punch that landed clean on Ngannou's head.

And this seemingly wasn't picked up by the UFC fighter - and neither did the referee see it either.

As a result, Fury did not have a point taken off him and went on to take the round 10-9 on all three judges' scorecards – which proved crucial in the final scores.

And fans claim that, on account of this punch, Ngannou should have been awarded the win.

One person on X - formerly Twitter - wrote: "So, they don't count the Fury elbow, then one of the judges gives Fury 96-93 even with the knockdown.."

Another said: "Ngannou was robbed. Fury was dropped and took way more damage than Ngannou. It was a draw at best."

While a third said: "On top of that Fury also threw an elbow which is illegal. The judges should have taken a point from that in which is would have been a draw or Francis would have won."

Featured Image Credit: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

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