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People in stitches at the 'best job in the house' at the Women's World Cup final

People in stitches at the 'best job in the house' at the Women's World Cup final

While fans have been celebrating Spain's win, others are hilariously reacting to a woman with the best job at the Women's World Cup.

It might be all over for the Women’s World Cup, but people are still reacting to the explosive final that went down earlier today.

Surprisingly though, fans aren’t reeling from the devastating match that saw the Lionesses loose to Spain after extra time.

Hilariously, they are instead reacting to a woman with the ‘best job in the house’ at the Stadium Australia in Sydney.

As Spain celebrated their 1-nil defeat over England, those watching on were distracted by a woman throwing golden confetti onto the crowds below.

Given the insane cost of football tickets, you’d be forgiven for thinking that organisers would have invested in a machine to do this but surprisingly no.

Instead, Sportbible captured the unnamed woman throwing the glitter from the balcony with two of her colleagues, high above the World Cup winners.

The weirdly specific gig has captured the attention of fans.

Maybe it’s because she has headphones on, she doesn’t look all that impressed as the celebrations erupt below her - to be fair, we are still feeling a little salty too.

The short video even zooms in for effect as she enjoyed the money-can’t-buy view of the closing ceremony.

Uploaded to Instagram with the hilarious caption ‘Best job in the house?’, fans have been reacting to the insanely specific job.

In fact, one fan wanted the cushty role for themselves after seeing how the unnamed woman had ultimate access to the event, with them commenting: “Where do I apply to get that job!!!”

And another responded to the caption, writing: “Accompanied by the best seat.”

A third gushed about the job's insane benefits in the comments, saying: “You get a birds-eye view of the whole match and can really help with penalty and offside calls."

Meanwhile, others admitted that they were shocked to discover the confetti wasn’t fired by a machine after seeing the short clip.

Adding a laugh-crying emoji, they wrote: “Always thought this was some fancy machine.”

The Lionesses were defeated by Spain in today's Women's World Cup final.
Richard Callis/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

Sadly though, England’s fans will not be in a celebratory mood after the Lionesses lost out to Spain during today’s World Cup final.

The nail-biting match ended in heartbreak for Wiegman’s side, as they were narrowly beaten 1-nil with a match that had extra time and penalties.

If that weren’t intense enough, there was even a pitch invader who interrupted the match in the 24th minute and stormed the stadium grounds with a ‘free Ukraine’ t-shirt.

While they might have not taken home the title, we want to congratulate the Lioness for inspiring a whole nation. Go on, girls!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sportbibleaustralia

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