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Business owner gives staff over £7 million in bonuses and makes them grab it from mountain of cash

Business owner gives staff over £7 million in bonuses and makes them grab it from mountain of cash

A business owner made staff grab their large bonuses from a mountain of cash

After a successful 2022, a Chinese company decided to reward its employees with a large bonus, but it was handed out in a rather unique way.

For most companies, the typical process for bonuses to be granted is into your bank account, either as part of your pay cheque or a one-off payment.

But Cui Peijun, the founder and owner of Henan Mine, had a very different approach for thanking his staff with a large cash reward.

The crane manufacturer gave staff over £7 million in bonuses after a bumper 2022 where sales were at an all-time high.

A company spokesperson told the Chinese media outlet Jiemian News that £600,000 was awarded to the company's top five sales managers.

Another 35 sales managers are said to have received bonuses between £120,000 and £570,000 each.

These massive payouts were delivered at a ceremony on 17 January, just before the Chinese New Year.

But to claim the reward, staff had to collect the money from a gigantic mountain of cash which was on stage.

The bonuses were piled up in a mountain of cash.

Footage of the cash-grab has gone viral on social media after first appearing on Weibo, China's version of Twitter.

One particular video circulating on Twitter shows staff standing on stage struggling to hold the massive amounts of money.

Though other clips do show them walking off stage with the money all in hand. Let's just hope they got it all back home, eh?

Other videos on Weibo show owner Peijun announcing that several employees would need to down half a pint of baijiu before receiving the bonus.

Baijiu is a seriously hardcore liquor that has an alcohol content of up to 60 percent.

Staff struggled to hold the money on stage.

As per Business Insider India, a presenter said: "All right, waiters, let's prepare for every person baijiu, 250 milliliters."

But a company spokesperson told Chinese media that the drinking was purely for celebratory purposes, and you were not penalised for not finishing the drink.

You might also be thinking about tax in this whole money extravaganza.

Speaking to local outlet Upstream News, a company spokesperson said: "Some were before tax, some were after tax."

Here's hoping bonuses can become that big of an event in the UK, some Christmas party that would be.

Featured Image Credit: Weibo

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