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Man gets full-size Stella tattoo on the back of his head to dedicate his love to drink

Man gets full-size Stella tattoo on the back of his head to dedicate his love to drink

Well, that's one way to honour your favourite pint.

Connor Davidson never expected the tattoo on his head to be his claim to fame. But then again, it was posted to TikTok, and anything is possible there.

However, the 27-year-old’s tattoo in question is none other than the Stella Artois logo - as you do - which has racked up 2.3 million views (and counting) on the site in just one week. Check out the video below:

He told LADbible: “Normally I put stuff on there and only get about 500 views. Then I put that one up and then in the first hour, I think it was over 1,000. 

“And then the next minute, my brother’s girlfriend said to me in the nighttime, ‘have you seen it?’ I was like, ‘no,’ I went back on and I think it was at 1.5 million.

“Normally I put everything up there, and it never happens. I put this up, and it’s only a tattoo and well, and I thought, ‘how the hell has this just blown up?’”

You may be wondering why someone would want to act as a walking advertisement by literally bestowing a portion of their skin to a branded alcoholic beverage, but for Connor, he just couldn’t say no to honouring his favourite pint.

“When someone dares me, I always do it,” the tattoo artist-in-training admitted.

“Literally, I was just around my mate’s one day having a few drinks when one of my mates saw the design. He turned around to me and was like, ‘I bet you won’t get this done’."

Two weeks later, he headed to his local tattoo parlour, Absolute Art in Leicester, and stayed true to his word.

Connor Davidson's tattoo racked up 2.3 million views (and counting) in just one week.
@carpfishing917 / Instagram.

“I was thinking about it for two weeks on and off. In the end, I texted the tattoo artist and said ‘Can you get me in this week?’ He went, ‘yeah,’ then boom.”

But Connor wasn’t just fulfilling a random dare, Stella - alongside ‘Peroni and San Miguel’ - really is his favourite drink.

But placing an eternal keepsake for the beer on his head wasn’t his initial plan: “It was meant to go on the back of my leg.

“But I went one step further and got it on the back of my head,” he said, reassuring us that this wasn’t his first head-tattoo-rodeo. “Because I’ve got both sides done, it was only a little small gap at the back.

Stella Artois really is one of his favourite beers.
@carpfishing917 / Instagram.

“It’s going to fill the gap in,” he explained, pointing to a mandala inked on one side of his temple, and a woman on the other.

As you can imagine, returning home to your friends and family with a beer logo on your head has meant that Connor has been met with some criticism, but ‘that stuff doesn’t bother me one bit’.

“All my friends like it, my family’s not [keen] on it but it’s there now.”

As for the online reaction, the beer enthusiast has been subjected to ‘a bit of both’ sides of the debate.

This wasn’t his first head-tattoo-rodeo - he already has a woman and mandala tattoo on his head.
@carpfishing917 / Instagram.

“You get some people who say ‘EDL final boss’, ‘wife-beater’ and all that, but there are a load of decent comments. But it feels like there’s a couple of people driving it.”

Some of those who ‘drove’ the hate online include users who have commented things like “bet the wife’s loving it,” “think the bloke who did that had a few too many Stellas as well” and “it’s spelt wrong! Should be Stella actat**t”. 

But others have been supportive of the future tattoo artist, who got his first tattoo ‘when I was 14 from one of my mates’. 

“Spot on our kid, see you in the local for a few,” said one commenter, while another said, “that’s quality mate, should be proud.”

“I don’t care what anyone says but this is incredible,” added someone else, while a different social media user simply penned: “Class, that.”

You can check out Connor’s other tattoos and designs on his TikTok here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@carpfishing917

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