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Storage hunter buys £600 unit full of old newspapers that turn out to be worth £75,000

Storage hunter buys £600 unit full of old newspapers that turn out to be worth £75,000

A lucky storage hunter was left shocked after his £600 storage unit was stacked with newspapers worth £75,000.

A man who bought a storage unit for only £600 was shocked to find out that he was living on a goldmine.

Dave Hester from the programme Storage Wars well and truly hit the jackpot after finding the unit he had purchased was stocked with old newspapers.

But these were not any standard newspapers, they were actually from the day that the legendary singer Elvis Presley died in 1977.

In a video posted to the Storage Wars on A&E Facebook page, Hester said: "Obviously someone bought a bunch of newspapers."

He quickly realised that the papers were from around Elvis' death, and that they were also a special edition.

Hester added: "This could be big - this is something that’s going to add up to hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars.

"I couldn't even begin to imagine how many papers are here."

To see their true value, Hester decided to go visit an 'avid Elvis Collector' Joseph Caretta, who had been collecting memorabilia of the late singer since 1962.

After seeing Caretta, Hester was made aware that he had two different papers in his possession.

Dave Hester had a lot of newspapers in his possession.
Storage Wars on A&E/ Facebook

The first one - which was released after the five-day event to commemorate Elvis' passing - would be worth at least $5 (£4) each.

And the second paper was described as having 'significant value' by the memorabilia collector, which left a massive grin on Hester's face, as you'd expect.

Based on the condition and the originality of The Commercial Appeal, which was released the day after Elvis passed away, Caretta said he could sell them at $10 (£8) per newspaper.

Hester had 600 in total - 300 each per paper - so he had a real potential of making a killing, and he certainly took advantage of that.

The storage hunter actually started selling them at a slightly higher price of £12 a pop on eBay, and he was able to make a whopping £75,000.

The storage hunter made over £74,000 in profit.
Storage Wars on A&E/ Facebook

In 1977, Elvis' death came as a complete shock to the whole entertainment world as he died at the age of 42 after being found unconscious at his home, Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

Before his death, the singer was suffering from liver damage, high blood pressure, emphysema and an enlarged colon. He was also suffering with mild diabetes.

It was revealed that he died of a heart attack, with his toxicology report showing high levels of opiates in his blood system.

Featured Image Credit: Storage Wars on A&E/ Facebook

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