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Study reveals men have better chances if they have a dog picture in their dating profile

Study reveals men have better chances if they have a dog picture in their dating profile

Researchers collated data from 300 female university students and found men with dogs in their pics appear 'less intimidating'.

Men who have dogs in their pictures for online dating apps are perceived to be more attractive, according to a new study.

Do you hear that, fellas? Ditch the snaps of you holding a big fish or skiing on the slopes for something more wholesome.

Researchers at the University of Jaen in Spain collated data from 300 female university students and found that women feel more at ease with men with dogs in their pictures, according to Mirror.

However, the size of the animal also made a difference when swiping right or left.

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The study also included photos taken in ‘positive context’ - well-lit public places, and ‘negative context’ - low light places, to determine which romantic hopeful women preferred.

After showing countless pictures, scientists found that men with smaller dogs were perceived to be ‘less threatening and intimidating'. 

One of the researchers said: "The current study has shown that the small-sized dog prompts more positive emotional reactivity and higher levels of safety than the medium-sized dog in most emotional contexts, pointing out that emotional and safety benefits from dog presence might also be related to size.”

They added: "We selected two unpopular, medium-and small-sized adult dogs (Portuguese podengo-like mixed-breed dog and wire-haired dachshund, respectively) to examine whether the positive dog effect was due to dog presence itself or dog specificity."

But men have already begun embracing the trend as the term ‘dogfishing’ has emerged in recent years. 

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And yep, you guessed it, dogfishing refers to those on dating apps who try to lure more matches by including an adorable little pooch in their profile pic.

While many women are being swooned by these particular courting methods, some can see right through it.

Dating expert Erica Eaton told Mammamia’s The Quicky that women should proceed with caution regarding the online dating phenomenon, as some men purposefully ‘borrow’ dogs to increase likes and matches.

She said: “If he knows that’s true and is borrowing dogs to use that to his advantage, I wouldn’t say you should dismiss that person, but I would be annoyed that they’re using something else’s dog as bait.”

Eaton also likened the photos to a man holding a baby, signifying himself as a 'carer' or 'nurturer'.

However, to ensure the canine is theirs, the dating expert advised women to ask how old the dog is.

She added: "I actually have my clients sometimes say like 'wow what a cute dog, how old is he and what is his or her name?' And that will automatically lead to the person telling you if that's his dog or not."

Featured Image Credit: Galina Samoylovich / Alamy Stock Photo. 57stock / Alamy Stock Photo.

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