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Susanna Reid leaves set to console mum of missing X factor star Levi Davis after emotional interview

Susanna Reid leaves set to console mum of missing X factor star Levi Davis after emotional interview

Susanna Reid left the Good Morning Britain studio to console the mum of Levi Davis.

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid left the studio to console the mum of Levi Davis after an interview on the breakfast TV show this morning (25 January).

The X Factor star and former rugby union player has been missing since the 29 October last year and was last spotted at The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona, Spain.

Since then, Levi has not been in touch with any of his family and friends.

In November, Levi's passport was found by police near Barcelona's port, and there has been a few unconfirmed sightings.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, mum Julie Davis said: "It's been very very difficult, I've been trying to take one day at a time.

"Recently I started back work, just to have some kind of normality because I think sitting at home, looking at the four walls is doing my head in.

"Also on that night, he made a phone call to me to say he was thinking of staying at a hostel here before I take my next journey.

"I said, 'oh Levi, how many more times do you wanna take money off me? You're going to have to sort yourself out this time'.

"He said he had some friends he could get in touch with and that's the last phone call we had."

Julie then broke down into tears as she recalled the last time she saw her son.

Julie broke down in tears on Good Morning Britain.

"Just before he left, there was a message that - maybe the powers up above - that just said to me, just give him a hug as you don't know if it'll be your last," she said with Susanna holding her hand.

Julie added that she did not have as much information as she would like, and was forced to go through the British consulate due to the language barrier with Spanish police.

She said: "Having to go via the British consulate and then the feedback of news and updates is very slow.

"I know they're pressing but in terms of updates, we got information back saying unfortunately it's too late."

Susanna Reid comforted the mum.

Before the interview concluded, Susanna said: "Julie we're all with you, we'll keep on it. Our hearts are with you. Lots of love OK" - clearly very moved by what Julie's has been going through.

When Good Morning Britain returned from an ad break, Ed Balls was presenting alone as he said that Susanna had stepped out the studio for the time being to be with Julie.

The co-presenter returned after around 15 minutes and apologised for being away momentarily.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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