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Woman who complained about being stuck next to two 'obese' people on flight gets compensation

Woman who complained about being stuck next to two 'obese' people on flight gets compensation

Sydney Watson took to Twitter to complain about being 'sandwiched' between two 'obese' people on an American Airlines flight

A woman who was left unhappy after she was ‘sandwiched’ between two people on a flight recently has been awarded compensation from the airline she flew with.

Sydney Watson complained on Twitter after she was sat between two ‘obese’ people who she deemed to be ‘too fat to be on a plane’.

The political commentator detailed how she was ‘sweat on’ and ‘touched without her consent’ during the three-hour flight, demanding a response from American Airlines.

However, when that response eventually came, she wasn’t best pleased with it.

American said: "Our passengers come in all different shapes and sizes. We're sorry you were uncomfortable on your flight."

To be fair, it’s not up to the airline to demand that kind of detail from people before they fly, is it?

The airline went on to clarify that it offers 'a variety of seat sizes and styles, so [its] customers can select what works best for them'.

Still, Watson wasn’t happy, tweeting: “I just experienced getting sweat on, touched without my consent, smacked in the face and subjected to hours of no personal space.

“And your response is essentially ‘too bad’ is that what I’m getting here?”

Watson complained after being seated between two 'obese' people.

Well, it looks as if she eventually did manage to get what she wanted, because she’s since posted a picture of a letter offering her $150 of trip credit by way of compensation.

That email said: “I sincerely regret the enjoyment and comfort of your flight AA was diminished due to another customer exceeding their seat's space.

“We do our best to avoid uncomfortable situations regarding seats.

“I can understand your disappointment with the situation not being remedied to your satisfaction.

“It seems that our Flight Attendants were not able to make changes to the seating arrangement.

“I'm sure you know, in the future, you are always welcome to discuss the matter with our flight attendants.

Here's the email Watson received.

“If we have other available seats, you'll be allowed to move so that you can better enjoy your flight.

“As a gesture of goodwill, I have issued you a $150 Trip Credit which will arrive via a separate email.”

It’s not clear whether Watson has accepted their offer just yet, but she tweeted out that she would rather use it to give someone a gym membership or help with a personal trainer.

LADbible has contacted Watson and American Airlines for an additional comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sydneywatson__/Twitter/@sydneylwatson

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