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Charges Dropped As Ex-Teacher Marries Student She Was Accused Of Having Sex With

Charges Dropped As Ex-Teacher Marries Student She Was Accused Of Having Sex With

She resigned from her position and is now married to the student

A former teacher in the US who was accused of having sex with a student has now married the student - and the charges against her have been dropped.

Baylee A. Turner was charged in February 2019 with having sexual contact with one of her male students at Sarcoxie High School, in Missouri.

The 26-year-old had taught at the district's middle school for two years and she was midway through her first year teaching at the high school when she was accused of having sex with the student, who has not been named.

The charge has been dropped.
Jasper County Sheriff's Office

She subsequently resigned and the Sarcoxie School Board voted to petition the state for her license to be revoked.

However, Nate Dally - an assistant prosecutor in the case - told regional newspaper The Joplin Globe that the charge against her was being dropped in light of the fact she has now married the student.

Dally told the publication that because marital privilege now applies, Turner's former student can no longer be compelled to testify against her, making the state's case extremely difficult to prove in court.

Furthermore, Turner has surrendered her teaching license, which was of primary importance to the prosecutor's office.

Last year, a teacher who got drunk and took students to a strip club during a school trip to Costa Rica was banned from teaching for three years.

Richard Glenn was working in the IT faculty at Longridge Towers School in Northumberland when the trip took place in July 2019.

Glenn's behaviour was deemed 'inappropriate and unprofessional'.
Glenn's behaviour was deemed 'inappropriate and unprofessional'.

Glenn, who had worked as the head of sixth form since 2007, admitted gross misconduct before a hearing and was dismissed the following month.

The Teaching Regulation Agency heard that he was a leader of a group of 16 to 18-year-olds on the trip, but was sent home after six days 'due to his behaviour'.

According to the BBC, his actions included: drinking with pupils and allowing under 18s to drink alcohol, threatening to 'kick the head in' of one student and 'kill' another, taking one or more pupils to a strip club and acting aggressively towards the woman leading the trip.

On top of this, Glenn kissed one of the boys on the forehead and exposed himself to a woman in a shared hotel room - although it was not 'malicious or sexually motivated'.

The misconduct hearing decided that his behaviour 'placed one or more pupils in his care at risk' and they also found that despite there being 'no malice or sexual intent' behind taking the students to the strip club, it was 'inappropriate and unprofessional'.

Glenn said he couldn't remember what had happened because of how drunk he was but 'did not dispute the recollection of those present'.

Featured Image Credit: Jasper County Sheriff's Office

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