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Tradesman filmed himself ripping tiles off roof in revenge act after he says he's owed nearly £4,000

Tradesman filmed himself ripping tiles off roof in revenge act after he says he's owed nearly £4,000

A tiler said he wasn't getting paid properly by a builder, so he got on the roof and started tearing off the tiles

A tiler who claims he didn't get fully paid by a builder set out to get revenge, deciding the best way would be to rip up his own work and film it.

Melbourne-based Simon McPherson claims he's still owed about $6700 AUS (£3870) by builder Adrian Padoin and thought if he wasn't going to be paid in full for the job then he wasn't going to leave the roof intact.

Filming himself tearing tiles off the roof he'd built, McPherson caught an altercation between himself and the builder as he declared this was a consequence if 'you don't pay your bill'.

The tiler claims he finished the roof of the property in Hadfield, Melbourne, back in May 2022 and still had not been paid properly.

Padoin claims the tiler received a deposit for his work and would have been paid the full agreed-upon amount in the near future had he not just torn the tiles off the roof and thrown them onto the ground.

Adrian Padoin standing next to a huge pile of smashed roof tiles.

In McPherson's video, he is filming himself ripping tiles from the roof of a house and smashing them down on the ground below when Padoin arrives with a sledgehammer and tells the tiler to 'come down or I'll smash your head you c**t'

The tiler agrees to come down from the roof if the builder will put his ladder back up and films himself continuing to pluck tiles off what remains of the roof and throw them away.

He says 'I don't care mate, clearly I don't care, I'm throwing them in the bin' to the builder, also telling him to 'shut up'.

The two men were later seen having a fight and the police were later called to the scene, though both men left the building site without being charged with anything.

Tiler Simon McPherson claims he wasn't properly paid and decided to destroy his work as revenge.

McPherson claims he had previously warned Padoin he would remove the tiles if he didn't get paid.

Padoin says the tiler won't be getting paid now as he's 'got no money' after the 'spiteful act' of tearing the roof up and chucking the tiles away.

The builder admits they were 'both getting a bit aggressive' in the video and said he just wanted to get McPherson to stop destroying his roof and come down.

He admitted the video 'doesn't look good on me' but suggested the footage of the tiler tearing the tiles off the roof was 'going to look worse on him'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Xpressroofing/9News

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