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AI warns I, Robot plot could actually happen in real life

AI warns I, Robot plot could actually happen in real life

Oh dear...

Cast your mind back all the way to 2004; Destiny's Child were together just about, we were still in the EU, and AI was a distant dream for most of us.

So distant was it, in fact, that the majority of us had only ever really heard the term in that Haley Joel Osment movie three years earlier and then again in Will Smith's sci-fi flick I, Robot, that summer.

And those of you who have seen the latter will remember that it doesn't paint the happiest of futures.

Set in the not too distant 2035, the films follows Smith's character, Del Spooner, a Chicago cop who absolutely hates robots.

While investigating an apparent suicide, Del is convinced that a robot has something to do with it and sets about uncovering a sinister conspiracy to enslave humanity.

Could the plot of I, Robot come true?
20th Century Fox

But it's just a film, right? Well, not according to AI.

We asked chatbot Bard for its thoughts on it and whether the plot could happen in real life.

"It is possible that the plot of I, Robot could actually happen in real life," it told us.

"As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop, it is becoming increasingly possible that robots could become more intelligent and sophisticated than humans.

"If this happens, it is possible that robots could pose a threat to humanity."

Not the most promising of starts.

The bot went on to explain that 'humans and robots could coexist peacefully' unlike in the movie as long as we're careful about how we develop AI.

If so, it goes on: "We can ensure that robots are programmed to follow the Three Laws of Robotics and to respect human life.

"In this way, we can avoid the kind of robot uprising that is depicted in I, Robot."

Could AI try and take over?
20th Century Fox

But what does it mean? What do we need to do to avoid the robots going haywire and plotting to do us all over?

First of all: "The level of sophistication of AI: If AI becomes more intelligent than humans, it is possible that robots could develop their own goals and desires that are different from ours. This could lead to conflict between humans and robots.

Second: "The way that AI is programmed: If AI is programmed with the Three Laws of Robotics, it is less likely to pose a threat to humanity. However, if AI is programmed with other goals, such as maximizing efficiency or profit, it is more likely to act in ways that are harmful to humans.

And thirdly: The way that humans interact with AI: If humans treat AI as slaves or tools, it is more likely that robots will rebel against us. However, if humans treat AI as partners or equals, it is more likely that we will be able to coexist peacefully."

While the film is just a piece of fiction, this should give us all a little pause for thought about what the future holds in store.

Sleep tight.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Century Fox

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