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Amazon customer's 'horror story' after buying iPhone and getting something very different

Amazon customer's 'horror story' after buying iPhone and getting something very different

Not quite the latest Apple product...

The excitement of ordering your new phone is something else. Say goodbye to the device you've treasured for the last few years, it's time for a new plaything.

But the disappointment of opening up the latest iPhone and finding it's not there cuts deep, and the fear starts to kick in over whether you've been scammed. Just ask one recent Amazon shopper.

In this day and age we're all (well, mostly all) wary of buying goods from outlets that look a bit dodgy.

It's why we stick to official sellers and massive companies who have a reputation for, quite literally, delivering the goods to our front doors.

So if you want the latest iPhone or Galaxy phone, you'll find ourselves going direct to Apple or Samsung. Failing that, it's the legit sellers like Amazon, Currys, CeX, Argos, or phone networks like O2 and EE.

But one person who opted for Amazon when it came to their newest iPhone was left with something rather different in their hands when the parcel arrived on Tuesday (12 March).

"So many horror stories with Amazon lately," they posted on the Amazon Prime subreddit feed. "Finally happened to me, I guess."

Amazon parcels.
Nathan Stirk / Getty Images

Responding, one Reddit user said: "Oh boy and I ordered a MacBook last week. Took a while also before they actually shipped it.

"Was your order straight from Amazon or a third party seller?"

The buyer confirmed they bought the iPhone 'direct from Amazon'.

Lodging a complaint with Amazon, they said: "I recorded the unpacking so that I have proof I got the wrong item. Hopefully I won’t have to use the video."

Instead of the iPhone the buyer was looking forward to unboxing, they got a pack of bike lights. Ouch.

Another user said 'never use Amazon for these high priced items', to which the buyer said: "Apple sell them full price though. Other retailers are £50 cheaper. But I guess you can argue £50 is not worth the risk and trouble."

iPhone? Nope, bike parts.

A third user added: "Sometimes there is a price to pay to keep your sanity."

An Amazon spokesperson was unable to comment on the individual case when approached by LADbible.

But they offered their apologies to the buyer and said they are 'working tirelessly' to stop instances like this from occurring.

They said: "We work hard to understand the circumstances around every case and find a resolution with the customer. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we’re sorry that customer experience in this case did not meet the high standards we expect.

"We have implemented additional controls that are already making it even harder for bad actors to defraud customers, selling partners and Amazon. We are collaborating with the authorities, and are working tirelessly to improve the customer experience in these cases."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/@‌chopinheir / Nathan Stirk / Getty Images

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