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Apple's iOS 17 update is changing basic iPhone feature which will take some getting used to

Apple's iOS 17 update is changing basic iPhone feature which will take some getting used to

A huge change is coming for iPhone users

A massive change is in store for iPhone users and although it might sound small on paper, it’s going to take some getting used to.

Meaning, it’s probably going to lead to a few awkward phone calls in the near future.

Just like previous updates over the years, when Apple's new software update, iOS 17, drops next month, there’s going to be a couple of changes made to key apps on all iPhones.

This change, however, has been dubbed one of the biggest revamps to the iPhone in years.

A beta version of the update - which is set to be released to the public in September - is out there for people who are willing to help Apple catch bugs before the wide release of new software. This is why we know about this mind-blowing change.

iPhone users are concerned about how they'll end a phone call.
Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Prepare to retrain your muscle memory because in beta versions of iOS 17, Apple has moved the button to end a phone call.

The ‘End Call’ button is now in the lower right-hand corner, instead of its usual position in the bottom third of the phone’s screen.

Forget the awkwardness of trying to figure out who should hang up first, this means that iPhone users may find themselves in a state of confusion when trying to end a call. On the other hand, someone might accidentally hang up before the conversation’s over.

iPhone users are probably used to the button being in this position.

In the current up-to-date iOS 16 system, the ‘End Call’ button is located on it’s own below a six-button grid and it can’t be missed.

In the iOS 17 update, it is part of the grid and is now close to the ‘Mute’, ‘Keypad’ and ‘FaceTime’ buttons.

The update has already been met with some predictable responses from Apple fans on social media.

One person responded: “iOS 17 has the FaceTime button where the end call button used to be.

“Muscle memory be damned.”

Another wrote: “Apple is changing where the end call button is and we already hate it.”

The new position of the 'End Call' button.

Others also pointed out an issue that it’s ‘bad for left-handed peoples’ since the button is now on the right-hand side.

Apple says iOS 17 will bring ‘new features to enhance the things you do every day', with the likes of the ability to create ‘contact posters’, a ‘more accurate autocorrect’ and ‘StandBy’ mode.

It's time to start practicing how to end a call before iOS 17 drops next month.

Featured Image Credit: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto/Getty Images

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