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'Ethical hacker' says there are five main ways to protect yourself from being hacked

'Ethical hacker' says there are five main ways to protect yourself from being hacked

The expert has shared what you can do to best protect yourself

An 'ethical hacker' has revealed the five main ways you can remain hack-free, and it's likely some of us haven't been doing these simple things.

The expert - who has previously warned people about the dark web and how it isn't as easy to access as you may think - offered his tips while appearing as a guest on the Shawn Ryan Show last year.

Criminals don't just exist in person, a lot of them are online and carry out their activities through hacking or the dark web.

Ryan Montgomery, an 'ethical hacker' and professional cyber security specialist, has highlighted five things we can do to stop these criminals from hacking into our devices.

Known for tracking down and exposing online predators, Montgomery went on the show to advise people of staying secure online.

Here are the key things he recommends:

Use a password manager

Pretty self-explanatory, but a password manager helps you keep track of all your passwords for your different accounts.

Strong, unique passwords are always recommended, and a manager will help you keep track of all of them in a safe, locked space.

Montgomery has urged users to do these five things to prevent your device from being hacked.

Install an antivirus

Montgomery says this is essential, or you should 'consult with an IT company that has cybersecurity expertise or cybersecurity company.'

"One of those many options. But talk to somebody unless you're an expert yourself," he explains.

An antivirus protects your computer by detecting and removing viruses and other types of malware that could harm your device.

Use an RFID blocking wallet

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, and it works by transmitting radio waves to identify and track 'tagged' objects.

Tech thieves may use an RFID reader to scan your credit card, and an RFID wallet blocks these waves, protecting your information.

Montgomery further explains: "If you wanna be extra safe, use a key FOB that has an RFID shield on it.

"That way, your key FOB doesn't work outside of that shield and can't be cloned."

Hackers have a number of methods that can be used to commit crimes, but there are ways to protect yourself.
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Be cautious with websites you visit

Put simply by the ethical hacker: "If the browser's telling you the site looks unsafe, then it's probably unsafe."

But if you're told otherwise, he says to make sure the person telling you so is legitimate.

Use your common sense

A bit of an obvious one, but sometimes we can forget.

Montgomery states: "If something looks too good to be true, it probably is."

So, there you have it.

If you are unsure about anything, be sure to contact an IT or cybersecurity company for advise.

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