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Terminally ill girl gets her dream of being an Australian police officer granted

Terminally ill girl gets her dream of being an Australian police officer granted

The NSW Police enlisted the help of little Zoe as she became an honorary member of the force to chase down a gift-stealing thief.

The NSW Police have made a terminally ill girl’s dream come true by making her an honorary member of the force for a day.

Zoe has been battling Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an incredibly rare and incurable cancer, which has an average survival rate of nine to 12 months.

But ahead of her fourth birthday, Zoe was able to briefly forget about the diagnosis as she was given the important task of chasing down a bad guy who had stolen her present.

Little Zoe and her mother Huyen were invited by NSW Police to meet Constable Charlie, a loveable penguin that presented her with a gift on her special day.

However, just as she was mingling with Charlie and the other officers, one criminal managed to stealthily sneak past and snatch away the present.

Instead of chasing the ‘sly bandit’ themselves, the cops decided they needed a big hand from little Zoe.

Zoe was transformed into a NSW Police Force Junior Recruit, complete with uniform and her very own name badge.

The four-year-old then starred in a high-speed chase across Sydney that was akin to a storyline in Taken.

Looking the part, she joined the fellow officers in a pursuit that took to the road, the waters, and the skies.

The footage was shared on the NSW Police Force’s Facebook page and showed Constable Zoe directing the force on the waters of Sydney Harbour as they chased the ‘bad guy’ with the help of the Marine Area Command.

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The thief managed to get away on that occasion, but Zoe wasn’t giving up on getting her present back.

After returning to land, the little girl decided they would need to take the search to the skies to get a bird’s-eye view of the target and chase them down. 

Enlisting the help of Aviation Command, Zoe gave instructions to the pilot as they soared over Sydney in a chopper.

Upon hearing news that the thief was nearby, they came to a landing and once again hopped in a black police car for the final leg of the chase.

Finally catching up to the thief, a tactical specialist carried Zoe over to the apprehended criminal as she was finally reunited with her birthday present.

Her work was commended by NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb, saying: “Congratulations Constable Zoe, your bravery and smart police skills helped catch the bad guy.

“On behalf of a grateful police force, I would like to thank Constable Zoe for her tremendous efforts.

“I wish you a very happy birthday Zoe and send you a big Commissioner hug.”

We think Constable Zoe is due a promotion.

Featured Image Credit: NSW Police/Facebook.

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