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Major change for Tesco shoppers comes into force

Major change for Tesco shoppers comes into force

A major change has come into effect for Tesco shoppers.

A major change has come into effect for Tesco shoppers today.

The UK supermarket giant has warned its customers about its Tesco Clubcard rewards system, with the change coming into effect on Tuesday (18 April).

Tesco has announced changes to its Clubcard scheme.
Robert Convery/True Images/Alamy

Before rushing out to buy your meal deal this lunch time, Tesco shoppers should know that the existing Clubcard app, which customers can use to get money off their purchases and gain points when they shop, is closing today.

Fear not, as the app will be replaced by the new and improved Tesco Clubcard and Grocery app, which customers will have to download if they want to continue earning points - and who doesn’t want to earn points.

The news comes after the Tesco closed its separate Tesco Pay+ app on 27 February. The new app will serve as a replacement for both and will combine the features of both outgoing apps in one place for greater convenience for shoppers.

The new app will give Tesco customers a chance to do all sorts of things in one place, including pay for their shopping, view their points balance, spend Clubcard vouchers, place order deliveries and check stock in stores.

Tesco shoppers will have to download a new app to continue collecting points.
Robert Convery/True Images/Alamy

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Bringing the functionality of Tesco Pay+ into the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app is a demonstration of our focus on providing products which closely align to the needs of Tesco shoppers.”

The app is now live and anyone wishing to get a taste of the benefits you get with a Clubcard will have to download it from today. All you have to do is search “Tesco Grocery and Clubcard” in your phone’s app store and download it for free.

The new app is available from today.

There are more Tesco changes on the horizon as the supermarket chain announced last month that it will cut the value of its Clubcard rewards scheme from 14 June. This means points will be worth twice their value when converted into vouchers, rather than three times their value. The vouchers can be spent with partner organisations including, Disney+, Pizza Express and English Heritage.

Tesco’s Clubcard loyalty card scheme launched in 1995 and has attracted over 20 million users as of 2021. The Clubcard became contactless in 2017.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Convery/True Images/Alamy

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