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The Kraken Rum Releases New NFT Collection With A Dark History

The Kraken Rum Releases New NFT Collection With A Dark History

With the release of The Kraken's NFTs, customers can decide if premium rum triumphs overhyped art.

The Kraken is the ultimate villain of the sea, and what do all great villains have in common besides a cracking moustache and a menacing laugh? A Non Fungible Token (NFT) art collection, of course!

NFTs are all the rage right now and like many things the one per cent enjoy, you can look, but you can’t touch. 

Whether you’ve heard it on the lips of some hedge fund opportunists or some bitcoin bros, it seems we’re hearing the term more and more these days. 

However, with the art industry being corrupted by NFTs, The Kraken would like to reclaim its rightful spot on the throne as the most disruptive force in the art world.

Supplied, The Kraken Rum

To embrace the digital currency age, The Kraken is releasing its own collection of NFTs a la Madonna style, but worth waaaay less.

And while NFTs, in the words of Zoolander’s Magotu, is ‘so hot right now’, truth be told, a token's average value is around $7.50. That’s not even enough to buy you a happy meal at Maccas, which look we can’t say we’re completely shocked.

However, with the release of The Kraken's NFTs, customers will have the chance to either build their NFT artwork portfolio, worth at least a couple of Big Macs - we assume or expand their liquor cabinet.

The Kraken's NFTs will be drawn from a pool of 200 artworks and 200 of The Kraken premix packs, so customers can decide if they think premium rum triumphs overhyped art.

It's a choose your own adventure!

Supplied, The Kraken Rum

These Non Fungible Treasures (see what we did there) include the Bored Mermaid Shipwreck Club, an immortalisation of mermaids so nonchalant in luring sailors to bring them to their demise, and The Sip Kraken Koin - deemed a stolen doubloon meets crypto currency’.

But, if you opt for The Kraken Rum, you can claim a 4-pk of two equally delicious flavours: The Kraken & Dry Premix or The Kraken & Cola Premix.

But where can you purchase these NFTs for a chance to unlock premix of the speciality Caribbean rum? 

Just head over to the website via the Mint page; from there, it'll lead you to the decentralised marketplace, OpenSea

The Kraken’s Non-Fungible Treasures will be available for Blacklist members on Wednesday, 26 July, at 10 am AEST. Public sale is Thursday, 27 July, at 10 am AEST.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied, The Kraken Rum.

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