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Kevin Bridges called out for 'honest' Queen joke at gig just hours after she died

Kevin Bridges called out for 'honest' Queen joke at gig just hours after she died

Social media is divided by the Queen joke

Comedian Kevin Bridges has been slammed for joking about the Queen - just hours after her death.

We found out that Her Majesty passed away peacefully in her residence at Balmoral yesterday (8 September) at the age of 96.

However, during a performance last night, the comedian opened with a few lines that have sparked debate online.

Kevin Bridges pictured in 2019.
Matt Crossick / Alamy Stock Photo

Taking to the stage, he said: "Good evening on this historic evening. This is the 40th time that I have performed at this venue so I'm sure you'll read about it in all the papers in the morning, on the front page of the Daily Telegraph."

He added: "Anyway welcome to the only f**king show in Britain going ahead this evening."

Met by cheers from the crowd, Bridges said: "The doors were at 6.30pm and she hung on - it's what she would have wanted, so welcome.

"I'm doing it for Lizzie and I've worn a black suit as a tribute.

"Probably the last show before we back into lockdown."

Making his joke directed at the late Queen, Bridges said: "People checking their phones to see if they've got the day off in the morning. F**king grieving - I was up until 5am f**king grieving.

"The show is going ahead. She's not going to be the only old woman to die this winter."

The joke has since received a mixed response on social media.

One person slammed: "F**k Kevin Bridges. Boycott that scum b**tard."

Another argued: "It wasn't the content, people are blaming him because of when he told it, comedy is all about timing."

"He just used the Queen’s death to get laughs," someone else thought.

Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Ascot 2010 horse race meeting.
newsphoto / Alamy Stock Photo

On the other hand, many thought that the joke was just a 'joke'.

One man said: "Queen dies, Kevin Bridges addresses it on stage by saying 'let's face it with this government she's not the only old lady who'll die this winter' the same folk cry treason and demand he be cancelled. F**king snowflakes."

Another person said: "Everyone calling for Kevin Bridges to be cancelled: Please get a grip. His jokes were in the tradition of iconoclastic, irreverent Scottish humour.

"Free speech isn't suspended when it's something you care about. Calling for his cancellation just validates other ridiculous demands."

Someone else added: "That Kevin Bridges opening set isn’t even bad. It could’ve been a whole lot worse. The right to free speech, anti-snowflake, ‘this generations easily offended’ brigade…are all of a suddenly easily offended and outrage at comedy. Weirdos."

LADbible has contacted Kevin Bridges' representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Crossick / PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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