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People are freaking out over the difference between toilets in England and America

People are freaking out over the difference between toilets in England and America

Why Americans have such high water levels in their toilets is confounding TikTok users

Anyone who’s sat down on the loo without realising their stupid boyfriend forgot to put the toilet lid down will know that dipping their bum cheeks in bog water is not the one.

With that (very much) in mind, it’s no wonder people are freaking out over the fact Americans seemingly wet their bottoms in toilet water daily, if their mindbogglingly high toilet water level is anything to go by.

As one TikToker recently pointed out, the toilet water level in the USA is much higher than it is here in Ol’ Blighty, giving teabagging a whole new meaning. 

See what all the fuss is about below:

Or, as one British TikToker put it: “At this point, you may as well run the bath, get it nice and warm, and s**t in it, because it is practically the same.” A Poet Laureate in the making. 

TikToker @bitter.cocoa added: “I'll be honest if I was having a bad day and then felt the toilet water caress my cheeks I wouldn't want to go on.”

Social media users were quick to echo @bitter.cocoa’s sentiment, with one person writing beneath their post: “The splash back... I would be convulsing in disgust.”

A second commented: “I HATED this about the US. It is truly feral. Like it’s unreal,” while a third wrote: “I'd be anxious if I saw that water level.”

UK toilets have a much less offensive water level.

Other comments included: “omg, if my toilet water is that high, I'm switching the water off because it's blocked and going to overflow,” “Is that why there’s the saying ‘dropping the kids off at the pool’ coz that ain’t a toilet that’s a pool my friend” and “when I first visited the US I thought it was blocked, and by like the 4th cubicle I realised :/ that and the see through cubicle doors freak me out.”

We’re not surprised the ungodly water level caused such an uproar among us Brits, after all, we did invent the first flushing toilet.

According to the British Association of Urological Surgeons, Elizabeth I’s godson, Sir John Harrington, designed the first flush toilet in 1592.

Harrington invented a water closet with a raised cistern and a small downpipe, which water ran through to flush waste.

He very kindly built one for his godmum as well as himself, but his invention was ignored for hundreds of years, and Thomas Crapper ended up getting the credit for making the first flushing toilet, although he didn't create his loo until the 1860s.

Featured Image Credit: @bitter.cocoa/TikTok

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