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TikTok under fire over Andrew Tate conspiracy theories following arrest

TikTok under fire over Andrew Tate conspiracy theories following arrest

Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania before the New Year

Social media platforms have been criticised over multiple posts sharing misinformation and conspiracy theories following the arrest of Andrew Tate.

The controversial social media personality is set to be held in detention in Romania for 30 days after being arrested earlier this week as part of an investigation into allegations of human trafficking and rape.

Authorities suspect Tate may have been running 'an organised crime group' along with his brother Tristan and two other men, though Tate and his brother have denied the allegations.

Following his arrest, it wasn't long before social media posts from some of his fans and followers began popping up to comment on the matter, many including information which is completely unfounded.

Posts including hashtags such as '#tateinnocent' claimed the influencer had been framed, while others alleged he had been 'set up' by 'The Matrix'.

The latter claim came after Tate shared a tweet after his arrest reading: "The Matrix sent their agents."

TikTok users have been spreading fake claims online.

One video, released on 30 December, appeared to recount a factual report about Tate's arrest, but ended with the creator fuelling the conspiracy theories as they asked: "What do you guys think is the real reason Tate was arrested? Was it the Matrix, or did Tate actually commit a serious crime?”

Tate's fans have also been using Twitter to share their allegations, with another clip using old footage to claim the influencer had been released from police custody alongside a caption reading: "Andrew Tate got Released Matrix attack Failed."

Imran Ahmed, chief executive of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, criticised the spreading of fake news as he told The Observer: “Having conspiracy theories proliferating which might put at risk the integrity of an investigation or the safety of those involved is unconscionable.”

Last night (31 December), TikTok told the publication it had begun a systematic review of content flagged as hateful and would remove any posts that violated its guidelines.

Tate's fans allege he was 'set up'.

The platform's guidelines ban 'misinformation that causes significant harm to individuals, our community, or the larger public'.

Twitter has not responded for a request for comment, but its guidelines explain: "Depending on potential for offline harm, we limit amplification of misleading content or remove it from Twitter if offline consequences could be immediate and severe."

Eugen Vidineac, a lawyer for Andrew and Tristan Tate, has said they would appeal against the suspects' detention.

"We are not at a stage where guilt or innocence is proven, for now we only discuss preventive measures," he said.

LADbible has reached out to TikTok and Twitter for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: @Cobratate/Twitter/Instagram

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