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What Is The Vabbing TikTok Trend?

What Is The Vabbing TikTok Trend?

TikTok's recent vabbing trend is the combination of "dabbing" and "vagina". So, what is the weird trend helping people get asked out?

Vabbing is the strange combination of the word "dabbing" and "vagina". TikTokers are swearing by the trend, but what exactly is it?

Vabbing is the use of vaginal fluids as perfume and it seems the pheromones are helping people get dates. TikToker Jewlieah's bio welcomes people to #vabtok as she walks people through the process.

In one video, the Arizona native says that she has been asked out on dated two out of the three times she has vabbed.

In a "vabbing 101" video she explains that those who want to vab should shower before and wash their hands before and after vabbing (of course). "If you go to the gym just like me make sure to wipe down the equipment before and after use - which you should be doing. That's proper gym etiquette."

She adds people should not vab if they have an STD or are on their period should not try the trend.

Jewlieah goes on to say: "The areas you vab are normally behind your ear and on your wrist. Those are normally surfaces that don't touch other things. So, please make sure to not rub your ears or your wrists on other items and/or people."

A quick glance at her videos' comments and it is clear the trend does not have many fans.

"I am NEVER hugging anyone again," one person said. Another commented: "I'll never want a man this bad to do this lmao."

"I'll stick to perfume, thanks," someone replied with.

Vabbing has surprisingly been around much longer than the recent trend. It seems to have first surfaced in 2018 on a podcast episode of the Secret Keepers Club, hosted by comedians Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann, when they spoke with a listener who had tried it.

Urban Dictionary even has a definition for the word. It says vabbing is used when "she is broke and can’t afford Gucci".

Yet despite being around for a few years, people are having none of it. Comedian Em Rusciano duetted a TikTok about vabbing saying: "'Is she suggesting you pop your p***y perfume on your pulse points?"

"I'm think I'm okay with regular perfume thanks very much" Rusciano added.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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