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First Toblerone bars without the iconic logo have gone on sale

First Toblerone bars without the iconic logo have gone on sale

Chocolate lovers can now purchase the bars with the all-new packaging

The very first Toblerone bars without the iconic logo that we've all grown to know and love are officially on sale now.

With an all-new logo, the familiar stars of Christmas stockings and airport duty-free checkouts have undergone a very noticeable change.

The bars will no longer sport the distinctive Swiss Matterhorn mountain and have, instead, opted for an entirely different peak to plaster across its packaging. Things will never be the same again.

Best known for their distinctive triangular structure and nougat filling, the iconic chocolate treat's production will be moving from Switzerland to Slovakia later this year hence the bar's updates to comply with Swiss laws.

Operating out of the Swiss city of Berne since 1908, it's clear that the production location isn't the only thing that's changing.

The most obvious is the glaring omission of the 14,692 ft (4,478 m) Swiss Matterhorn mountain that once graced the slopes of every Toblerone bar out there.

The company will now use a 'streamlined mountain logo' instead of the iconic mountain - designed to mimic Toblerone’s unique triangular shape.

The original packaging sporting the Swiss Matterhorn mountain.
PhotoEdit / Alamy Stock Photo

Bringing a bit of bureaucracy into confectionary, the packaging change came as a result of Switzerland's Swissness Act.

Under the act, national symbols, or the county’s Swiss cross, are not allowed to be used on packaging unless they meet strict Swissness criteria.

The Swiss Act, passed some years back now in 2017, specifies that any edible items using Swiss national symbols or claiming to be 'Swiss made' must have at least 80 percent of its raw materials from Switzerland.

The old packaging reads 'of Switzerland' on the front.

The laws are even stricter for milk and dairy products, Toblerone included, which have to be 100 percent Swiss to use such national symbols.

The aim of such a law was to 'prevent dilution of the country's reputation for high-quality goods'.

A spokesperson for confectioners Mondelez International told the Swiss news outlet: "The packaging redesign introduces a modernised and streamlined mountain logo that aligns with the geometric and triangular aesthetic."

Not only this, but the packaging will also remove the 'of Switzerland' tagline and replace it with 'established in Switzerland' instead.

The new packaging has removed 'of Switzerland' and replaced it with 'established in Switzerland'.

Additionally, you may not have even noticed beforehand, but accompanying the Matterhorn mountain was a tiny 'hidden bear' climbing up the slope.

But now, with the change in peak - the bear is nowhere to be seen.

Company officials have since claimed they do not believe that the change of design will impact future sales.

While the changes may take some time to get used to - it's clear that the packaging rebrand isn't going to stop us any time soon from knocking one of these bad boys back at the next chance we get.

The newly-designed bars are now on sale for chocolate lovers all over to sink their teeth into.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/RossHelen editorial Alamy/Photoedit

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